Why was controversial streamer Chudlogic banned from Twitch for the third time?

Chudlogic, a prominent member of the Twitch community, has announced that he has been temporarily suspended from the platform. Tweeting about the situation earlier today, he revealed that he would not be able to livestream for the next three days. Initially, the reason behind his suspension was unclear. However, the streamer later shared a screenshot of a notice he received from Twitch, stating that the suspension was due to “assistance in avoiding account suspension”.

For those not familiar with the phrase, it refers to the act of platforming a suspended streamer or viewing content from that streamer on Twitch. According to Twitch’s rules, these are some possible reasons:

Twitch's Rules Against Support Ban Piracy (Image via Twitter)
Twitch’s Rules Against Support Ban Piracy (Image via Twitter)

Chudlogic tweeted about it, commenting sarcastically that the rule is his favorite:

Twitch bans Chudlogic, streamers react on Twitter

Following the initial tweet, Chudlogic tweeted once again, saying that he was unsure of the exact content that led to his suspension. He announced that he did not feature any banned streamers on his channel, which led him to conclude that this must have been due to viewing content from banned streamers. He further revealed that he will be streaming on YouTube until the suspension period ends:

It’s okay, I’ll take the l on not following the rules on YouTube to the letter and stream for the next few days. Just wild that Twitch is still enforcing this rule like this. I don’t have a banned streamer so it must be for watching banned streamer content…

He shared his thoughts about the situation on his YouTube stream:

“Honestly, I’ll take the L because it’s a rule and I’m supposed to follow it but it’s crazy to me that Twitch is still enforcing this moderation. It’s honestly unrealistic to me.”

Having said this, he speculated:

“Well, there are a few people I’ve seen who are banned. Is Sam Hyde banned? It’s probably Destiny. But generally, I try to be quite careful and only play for 30 minutes at a time.” Watch banned streamers for hours and any big chunks, I’ll deal with it on YouTube.”


Prior to his ban, Chudlogic had accumulated over 25K followers on Twitch. For those unfamiliar with the online personality, he typically streams his reactions to various dramatic situations and controversies on the platform, offering his own perspectives and analyzing them for his audience to enjoy.

What did the streaming community say?

Twitch has been criticized for what the streaming community sees as a platform that can pick and choose how to enforce its rules. One user pointed out that popular streamer xQc regularly sees streamers banned on his channel and even has a banner of Dr Disrespect, who was banned from Twitch for unknown reasons, displayed prominently in his stream. it was done:

Yet another prominent name that came up for discussion was Mizkif. Fans reported that they had previously viewed Dr Disrespect and Ice Poseidon’s content without being banned from the platform:

Other members of the community found Chudlogic’s ban odd because he was only viewing someone else’s content:

However, there were some community members who didn’t approve of the streamer, with some saying he merely cultivated views by reacting to drama:

Chudlogic has already livestreamed on YouTube after being banned on Twitch, but it is currently uncertain whether he will appeal against the ban.

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