Upcoming Genshin Impact character Kirara has unique climbing skills: gameplay leak surfaces

Genshin Impact 3.7’s Kirara has a unique elemental skill that allows her to move around on the ground, climb, and even deal Dendro DMG when she collides with enemies. All this while she is in a cardboard box! It’s an entertaining ability that some Genshin Impact fans would like to see in action. This article will include some of the tweets containing the leaked footage of it.

If the posts don’t load, it means that Hoyverse has removed them. Mirrors exist online, so readers can easily find copies of these gameplay clips if they look hard enough. With that minor disclaimer out of the way, let’s look at the actual footage in the next part of this leak roundup.

Genshin Impact leak reveals Kirara’s unique climbing skills

///LixKirara’s hold used to climb E “meow~”*dies*DBSJJWJDDJDJAlso she climbs faster and uses less stamina during this state… I suffer from climbing tall mountains for years Now it’s finally over 😭📦✨️🐾#Kirara #genshinimpact https://t.co/HrUL8yuOFs

Hoyverse has removed several popular clips of Kirara’s unique climbing ability, but the tweet above was still up when this article was published. As readers can see, he is currently in a strange box-like form known as an Urgent Neko Parcel. This state is activated when the player wields their elemental skill as opposed to suppressing it.

Here are the details of what Urgent Neco Parcel does from the dataminded leak:

“Dendro deals DMG to opponents causing her to crash. This effect can be triggered once per opponent every 0.5 seconds. When in this state, Kirara’s movement speed, climb speed, and jump power all increases, and climbing consumes his stamina. When the duration expires or the skill is used again, a more powerful flipclaw than an attack in press mode to deal AOE Dendro DMG Strike will be issued.

Urgent Neko Parcel can last up to ten seconds, and the longer the character uses this ability, the longer they must wait to use their elemental skills again. The video above also shows how Kirara quickly climbs mountains in that state, which it can normally climb without a jump.

something about her skills makes me so happy like kiara turning into a box and meowing every time you jump isn’t that so cute https://t.co/oUynziYbmm

The clip above is another video in which Kirara uses an Urgent Neko parcel to climb a wall in Genshin Impact. This post may be useful in case the previous footage has been copyright-struck. The video also shows how she can quickly tap out of this ability. Players can even hear her meow when she turns in the box, which is quite amusing.

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His official art (image via hoyoverse)
His official art (image via hoyoverse)

Kirara is known to play occasionally in Genshin Impact 3.7. It is not yet known in which banner episode the character will appear. She’s known to be a four-star Dendro Sword user, and everything from her Ascension Materials (all of which can be pre-cultivated) to her gameplay have been leaked so far.

Just keep in mind that the information revealed about this character is subject to change. This includes the versatility of her instant Neko Parcel ability, with her elemental skill currently having an eight to 12 second cooldown.


Several Genshin Impact theory crafters have already hypothesized Kirara’s role in the meta. Many are hopeful about what value she brings to the table. Which is why it will be interesting to see whether the character lives up to the hype it has generated so far or not.

There may be more gameplay videos leaked in the coming weeks so her immediate Neko parcel may be able to call for any other notable interactions.

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