The right order to apply all your hair care products

When you shower and start lathering up, you might not be thinking about the order in which you use your products. However, according to beauty experts, the routine you create for your hair is priceless.

“Keeping a regular routine is important because it allows products to penetrate deeper into the cuticle,” said hairstylist Rachel Bodt. zoe report, While many people already have the basics down, like using shampoo as a first step, there are other options to consider. If you want to use a product that you will wash out, such as a hair mask, apply it after the initial shampoo wash. Then, follow in with your conditioner. If your hair is textured or dry, you may choose to try co-washing, meaning you only use conditioner and skip the shampoo. You may also choose to add moisture-rich products after conditioning.

“Textured hair also tends to be dryer than other hair types, which means they require more moisturizing products,” said celebrity hairstylist, Lacey Radway, who shared with The Zoe Report. “Hair is most delicate when it’s wet, so this is the best time to incorporate a leave-in conditioner to absorb deeply,” says Bodt.

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