The most memorable moments from Queen Elizabeth’s coronation

Easily one of the most intense moments of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, the anointing ceremony took place when Archbishop Geoffrey Francis Fisher applied holy oil to the monarch’s hands, breasts and head. As revealed by the BBC’s archives from the event, Elizabeth’s anointing began when the robes of state were removed from her body (via) youtube, He also took off his ornaments and crown. After this, the queen was presented with a simple white ceremonial garment known as the colobium sindonis. It was while wearing this humble dress that Elizabeth was consecrated at the hands of the archbishop.

Fascinatingly, the anointing ceremony has long been considered a private affair, meaning that the application of the oil to the emperor could not be witnessed by onlookers. As explained by the BBC in 1953, “the four Knights of the Garter … bring forth a golden canopy, which they hold over Her Majesty so that the solemn moment of the consecration, which is normally never seen, be shielded from all eyes” (via youtube, As a result, TV cameras present at the event turned away, leaving only a tapestry visible while the Queen performed the ceremony.

It is said that Elizabeth was anointed with a mixture of olive oil and sesame oil, the latter being treated according to a pleasant, fragrant scent. perfume society,

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