The bouncy curls of the ’90s are back and celebrities are showing us how it’s done

After washing your hair, spritz your locks with a volumizing spray. Afterwards, either blow dry or air dry your hair until it is almost dry. Then, it’s time to add curls. “Starting at the base, begin curling small sections [a 1/2-inch] barrel curling iron.” Elli Pajetraj, Fekai stylist, tells Byrdie. Once you’ve curled your hair, apply a volume-lock spray to seal in the curl’s shape and volume. Spray each section of hair with Be sure to curl in. Get to the ends to avoid the beachy wave look.

If your hair is naturally wavy, apply some curl cream to your hair when it is damp and let it air dry. Then, you can use a heat tool to add some curls throughout your hair to emphasize your natural waves. For girls with curly hair, simply use a curl cream on your hair after washing it and let it air dry. If you’d like, you can add some curls with styling tools to enhance your curls, but you don’t need to if they’re already tight and bouncy.

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