Tariq defends DSG Yay’s poor debut performance as disguised defeat by Oxygen in Valorant Challengers NA

Popular Valorant streamer “tarik” Selik defended the latest Valorant signing disguised as toast to DSG — Jacob “yay” “Yay” — for his performance during their first match against Oxygen, where the team lost 0-2. While co-streaming the Challengers League on Twitch, Celik’s viewers were highly critical of Jacobs’ performance, and the streamer explained why they shouldn’t jump to conclusions so quickly.

Dubbed the El-Diablo of Valorant, Yay became known for his godly skills in the game during his time at OpTic. His signing for DSG for the 2023 VCT ​​League was a huge moment in the community, with disguised Toast calling it a winning move. However, their performance in the first match was rather cold, as the team lost two straight maps to Oxygen.

After many criticized him for the lack of showstopping moments, Tariq defended the player, saying that people should wait for him to get accustomed to the new team before passing judgement:

“Guys, guys, everyone’s commenting yay. He’s playing slower than usual. It’s a debut match, right? He hasn’t played in a minute, he’s getting used to the new team, the match server. Getting used to it. Let’s give it time, it’s what it is, okay? We shouldn’t doubt it, okay?


“You need to be logical”: Tariq explains why it is not fair to criticize DSG Yay for failing the first disguised match

After DSG lost their first map, Haven, with a decisive 13–6 defeat, fans were on edge. As a friend of Disguised Toast, DSG owner Tariq was apparently supporting the team, but he also began to question Yay when they faltered during the second half of the second map, Pearl. Asking your audience what they think of their performance so far:

“The boys think Yay is feeling the pressure, or isn’t comfortable on the team yet? Or both? He’s clearly capable… probably a combination of things.”

He quickly came to the conclusion that the former OpTic players were just not comfortable with their new team.

“Yeah, he’s not comfortable yet. Not comfortable yet.”

However, Tariq felt that the spectators were extreme in their criticism, with some saying that the player should be cut from the team. However, Dreamer was of the opinion that he should be given some more time to prove his worth:

“We must give him time to get back into his groove.”

timestamp 1:40:56

The former CS:GO professional explained that the reason the audience got it wrong was because they were thinking with their emotions, which is something the Valorant General Manager will not do:

“We can’t jump to conclusions after one map or one series! Like, if you were the GM of this team, you would cut it after the first map. And so you guys are not the GMs of this team, right? Because You decide based on your feelings, okay?”

Asking them to be logical, Tariq revealed that players should be allowed at least a few months to adjust, and only then “cut down”:

“You need to be logical. You need to boil down the roster. Give it some time, maybe two months, maybe three months. Then we make cuts, then we change players.”

react to clip

Here are some general reactions from viewers of the clip. Most people seemed to agree with Tariq, comparing the situation to TenZ receiving hate for bad form.

Comments under clip on youtube (image via Jet Shorts/YouTube)
Comments under clip on youtube (image via Jet Shorts/YouTube)

The Valorant community, like other online competitive gaming communities, tends to be very toxic towards underperforming players. Even the Disguised Toast spoke out against the hate TenZ received due to his recent exposure to the Sentinels.

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