People are using eyelash glue to keep their bangs in place. Is it safe for your hair?

Waterfall bangs are the latest hair trend, an edgy, piece-y look that’s part of a bangs renaissance. They’re everywhere, and considering how universally flattering they are, it’s easy to see why. Of course, when the wind blows when you step outside, you’ll want to keep your look intact.

If you don’t normally use false eyelashes, you may not know that eyelash glue comes in clear, dark and white, although white glue dries to a clear finish. Get the clear or white version and place small dots on your forehead, lightly pressing the end of your bangs onto the glue. You might want to stick the bangs just to the middle of the forehead, but not the parts on the far left or right sides—let them hang naturally so you don’t look like a store mannequin.

Paris Lush Academy The glue is said to dry quickly within seconds. Although they are referencing the eyelashes, they say that the glue starts to flake off after four or five wears. For your bangs, we’ll translate that in a few days.

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