oily skin? Here’s Why a Foaming Cleanser Is Right for You

There are many cleansers out there that claim to curb oily skin, and while some work well, foaming cleansers go a step further. “Foaming cleansers are more effective at removing oil than other types of face washes,” says dermatologist Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky. real simple, “That’s because it penetrates the skin a little deeper, effectively removing oil and sebum from your pores.”

While it may make sense to think that oily skin needs the harshest cleanser, a gentle cleanser is most effective. “It’s important to be as gentle as possible to your skin, even if you have oily skin,” explains Zubritsky. “I would avoid harsh scrubs like those with walnut or apricot shells as active ingredients.”

After you cleanse, apply a light moisturizer just before skin is completely dry to keep moisture sealed in. This will ensure that your skin does not dry out and the sebaceous glands do not become overactive.

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