How to get Halperin Hotel Safe Deposit Keys in Dead Island 2

The Halperin Hotel in Dead Island 2 has a lot of loot to defend, including some weapons and cash. They are locked by a set of locks and can be unlocked using keys scattered around throughout the building. The game was released recently and was one of the most anticipated games by the fans for more than a decade. It includes massive improvements over its prequel, improved combat style and the introduction of different weapons.

While it may seem difficult to locate every key in the Halperin Hotel in Dead Island 2, they can all be found with a little searching around the building.

Halperin Hotel Key Locations in Every Safe Deposit Dead Island 2


While opening safes may not seem like a time-wasting quest to some players, they contain a lot of valuable equipment such as metal blades, massive amounts of cash, healing components, a dagger, and more, which can come in handy during may come Game progress.

Here are the places and ways to find Halperin Hotel safe deposit keys in Dead Island 2:

1) Safe-Deposit Key #9

  • Enter the hotel through the main gate.
  • Go to the table under the round staged ceiling.
  • Move the key to the right.

2) Safe-Deposit Key #033

  • Head to the door on the left that will lead to the pool area.
  • Turn right and go down the stairs, then right to go back to the opposite side of the gate. Open the gate to unlock the shortcut.
  • Turn left from the exterior of the hotel and enter through the White Gate.
  • Head upstairs and walk forward until you reach the neon sign with the hotel’s name on it.
  • Turn right and then left to reach the elevator room.
  • Call the elevator on the left, and it will contain the key.

3) Safe-Deposit Key #14

  • Pick up the Jerry Can and move on from under the table.
  • Put out the fire with the help of water in the can.
  • Enter room 208 and go left.
  • Pick up the key from the floor.

4) Safe-Deposit Key #49

  • Head opposite and enter the bedroom and turn right, then left.
  • Go straight, and when you reach the end, enter the room on the left.
  • Turn right and run through the hallway until you reach the broken elevator.
  • Go up through the ventilation to reach the third floor.
  • Turn left, then right and enter through the small entrance.
  • Break the wooden frame and jump off the bed and enter the open vents.
  • Explore the vents to locate the key.

5) Safe-Deposit Key #53

  • Go on the opposite side of the vents and turn left at the trail of blood.
  • Take a right and jump through the opening.
  • Go right and run through the hallway to reach room 307.
  • Open the bathroom door, and the key will be lying near the bathtub.

After grabbing every key, head back to the safe room to open the safes and collect the components. To make the process easier on Dead Island 2, players must take down every incoming enemy.

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