How to easily kick drop and slide in Dead Island 2

A game about killing zombies needs way too many ways to dispatch zombies. Dead Island 2 not only keeps it fresh with weapons and firearms but also introduces ability cards. Players’ equipment extends beyond what even a Slayer can carry, as Slayers themselves are capable of much more. Possessing a variety of skills and movement options, Dead Island 2’s Slayers can do much more than just swing a sledgehammer or shoot a shotgun – like a special Rage meter that allows one to perform superhuman feats or Autophage cards that are mandatory. are magical in nature.

However, the bread and butter for a Slayer are the jump kick attack and slide movement.

Two of the most valuable abilities a Slayer can obtain are the Drop Kick and Slide. Able to clear rooms with area of ​​effect (AOE) damage and knockback, these abilities can be incredibly useful tools in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Drop Kick and Slide: Where to get, how to use

drop kick


The drop kick’s powerful knockback is incredibly useful in many situations, whether against a single enemy or a crowd. Capable of sending enemies flying and leaving them stationary on the ground to bite, the drop kick is a strong asset in any loadout.

However, players must complete the first quest at the Halperin Hotel, where upon finishing the boss fight, the Drop Kick ability card will be given as a completion reward.

Players can equip this useful ability in the skill menu by replacing the “Flying Kick” ability card in the Jump skill slot under the Ability section of the card loadout. Once equipped, they can take on drop-kicking zombies left and right.

To perform a drop kick, simply jump up and press the “Knockback” input. On a controller, that means R3 (right stick click). While this can be done from a standstill, it is far more effective if players run to pick up speed before attacking.



Being able to move effectively is an essential part of weaving through hordes of zombies. Available from the start, the slide is an essential part of any Slayer’s skill set. Able to quickly get players under low ceilings, deal knockback, and even extinguish fires, the slide’s incredible utility makes it essential for playthroughs.

To slide, one must sprint (L3/left stick click) and then hit the crouch button (B/Circle on the controller) while running. This will allow the Slayer to slide to the ground.

While the Slayer and Survivor can be upgraded through cards that strengthen slide attacks and provide temporary buffs to the Slayer, even in its original form, it is highly useful for Dead Island 2 playthroughs.

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