How to easily heal your Slayer in Dead Island 2

Healing is definitely one of the most important tasks you’ll be doing on a regular basis in Dead Island 2. As strong as you or your killers (in-game character) are in the game, you are not invincible.

No matter how weak a zombie is, it can take you down if you’re not careful enough. You won’t always be able to keep a safe distance, and damage to your health is inevitable.

However, you can self-correct to make sure your progress isn’t disappointing. There are different strategies you can choose from when trying to recover your lost HP. Knowing all the available options will be of great benefit, so you don’t have to rely on just one form of treatment.

Dead Island 2 allows players to heal with the help of various items

Dead Island 2 maintains the same healing process as the first game in the series. However, there’s a modern twist that will give you more freedom. You can use a variety of equipment to restore all or part of your health pool.

Alternatively, thanks to the mechanics of skill cards, there are some ways to automatically restore your health.



The medkit is the most basic way to heal in the game. You can find them in various places while looting for resources. They spawn randomly, so you’ll have to look at every possible location. However, medkits are fairly common, and you’ll run into them regularly.

You can use a medkit if you’re not at full health by pressing the D-pad (or the applicable button on your keyboard). Note that you can only carry a maximum of five of them at any given time in Dead Island 2. If you are low on medkits, you can always craft them with the appropriate resources using the Workbench.

energy drinks and protein bars


You can survive the game by eating, and food comes in the form of energy drinks and protein bars. Like medkits, these are scattered throughout the map. They can be extremely useful when you find yourself in a pickle and need to get your HP back quickly.

skill card


As mentioned above, Dead Island 2’s system results in auto-recovery of lost health. You still have to do a few things to recover your health, like blocking an attack at the right time.

Note that different cards contribute to restoring your slayer’s health. Review their description to understand what you need to do to trigger the treatment.

It’s best to use a combination of skill cards and restorative items, as the effects of the former may not always trigger when needed.

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