How to deal critical hit damage with melee and ranged weapons in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 has a remarkably straightforward system when it comes to dealing critical hits. Whether using melee or ranged weapons, you are almost always guaranteed a crit if you know what weapon you are using and how to use it. While it might be fun to just grab a piece of rebar and start slapping the undead across the face, there’s more to being a successful murderer than wildly lashing out at zombies.

Each weapon has a prerequisite for dealing crits that you must be aware of.

Regardless of weapon or hero, you can slice, dice, and shoot zombies, taking just a few moments to familiarize yourself with the types of weapons the game has to offer.

How to deal critical hit damage in Dead Island 2

One of the best parts of Dead Island 2 is that it doesn’t have a critical hit percentage for each Slayer. this is a Serious harm stat but not a chance to hit like in many sports. This is because you will be surrounded by many zombies, so don’t leave massacring zombies to chance. A guaranteed way to deal critical hit damage across all weapon types.

Your mods and perks help with this too, but at its default, each weapon has a simple way of making sure it has a crit with whatever zombie you’re fighting. Even the most powerful Apex zombies can be smashed to bloody pieces with just a few crits. Both have their own weapon profiles for melee and ranged weapons to consider.

  • Mamming: Deals extra damage to undead’s limbs. All limb hits with these weapons automatically crit and also regenerate your stamina.
  • frenzy: After a certain number of hits, these weapons begin dealing crits. Designed to quickly slice and dice through enemies.
  • Bulldozer: All heavy attacks are guaranteed with these weapons. They also deal stability damage, so you can finish off enemies very easily with Skull Stomps.
  • Headhunter: All hits to the enemy’s head will do critical damage – this includes throwing weapons.

Knowing which melee weapon you’re using and what to do with it means you’ll get critical hit damage far more often in Dead Island 2. It’s all incredibly easy to do, with bulldozer weapons probably having the easiest time on common zombies.

Ranged weapons also have profile types that have requirements for critical hit damage.

  • Demolition: Shots against weak zombies will always crit.
  • rapid fire: The more shots you make in a row, the higher your accuracy. After a short period of repeated hits, all shots will be critical strikes.
  • Strategic: Defensive actions (Dodge/Block) increase your reload speed and also ensure that all shots will be critical strikes.
  • Sharpshooter: Exploiting weak points on zombies guarantees critical hits. Hit them in the head and limbs to ensure maximum damage.

For ranged weapons in Dead Island 2, my favorite is Sharpshooter against common zombies. Breaking their limbs with a rifle shot means that damage is a hazard, and you can easily defeat those enemies.

No matter which zombies you encounter in Dead Island 2, this knowledge will make destroying them much easier. You can find our review of the latest zombie-killing adventure here.

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