How to Create a Camera Timer on Your iPhone

One of the best reasons to have an iPhone is the camera. After all, the iPhone 14 Pro is equipped with a powerful fine 48MP main camera, 12MP ultrawide camera, and 12MP telephoto camera. There’s even a 12MP front-facing selfie camera with the ability to take wider shots – which comes in handy with larger group selfies.

And it’s not just Apple’s powerful hardware that makes mobile photography a delight. The Camera app on iOS 16 is packed with a ton of features – like Photographic Styles, Portrait Mode, Panorama, Cinematic Video, ProRaw, and more. But have you ever wanted to take a picture of yourself and others, but no one else can help you take the picture? Or maybe you just want to take a photo of yourself that isn’t a selfie, but there’s no one around to take that photo for you.

Thankfully, the iPhone’s Camera app does have a timer function, but it’s hidden, and Apple doesn’t make it very easy to find. Lucky for you, we’re going to show you how to easily turn on the camera timer on your iPhone, so you can always take a photo with yourself in it.

Camera module on the iPhone 14 Pro.

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How to turn on Camera timer on your iPhone

Apple does have camera timer functionality, but it’s a bit hidden, so you may not be aware of its existence. But here’s how to access it, and it works for both the rear-facing and front-facing cameras on your current iPhone.

step 1: launch camera app on your iPhone.

step 2: Make sure the camera you want to use is selected. The timer works on all rear cameras (main, ultrawide and telephoto) as well as the front-facing selfie camera.

step 3: choose either arrow buttons at the top of the camera screen or swipe up on the viewfinder to bring up the hidden settings menu.

step 4: Choose Watch Celebration. The icon resembles a circle with a needle pointing at the 11 o’clock position.

Step 5: choose 3s Or 10sor keep it on The clock has stopped working if you change your mind. The timer can be set for three seconds or 10 seconds.

Set the camera timer in the iOS Camera app by launching Camera, tap the arrow at the top or swipe up from the shutter button, tap Timer, choose 3 seconds or 10 seconds

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Step 6: Place your photo as you wish.

Step 7: Squeeze shutter button. Now, a countdown will appear on the screen, and the LED on the back will flash along with the countdown to let everyone in the shot know when the picture will be taken.

When you use the camera timer, the Camera app will take a burst of 10 photos in case there is movement during the shot. You can tap on the thumbnail in the bottom-left corner, tap choose, and then go through the images to choose your favorite. As you save favorites, you can choose to keep everything or just favorites to remove duplicates and clutter.

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