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The Moonshot: Mile High event launches on MLB The Show 23, offering exciting new content for players. This is the first major event following the hugely successful Easter Egg Hunt event and is perfect for Diamond Dynasty players looking to improve their team. The event is relatively easy to understand, even for those who are new to the sport.

The event involves playing matches with certain terms and conditions. Initially, it might seem like a grind, as a huge number of wins are required to unlock all the rewards. However, players can easily meet the conditions once they understand them, allowing them to unlock all the rewards that are part of the program in MLB The Show 23.

The Moonshot: Mile High Event MLB The Show 23 offers players great cards and in-game resources

The main objective of the Moonshot: Mile High event is to win the match. The more wins a player makes, the more prizes he gets. To get the most out of the event, players should aim to win as many matches as possible before the cap is reached.

There are a few terms associated with the Moonshot: Mile High event match.

  • any hitter
  • mango pitcher
  • coors field only
  • Min Player OVR | 60
  • Max Team OVR | 99
  • 3-inning games
  • Difficulty: All-Star
  • free entries

While the event should not present a significant challenge to experienced MLB The Show 23 players, beginners may find it a bit more challenging due to the All-Star difficulty at which the matches are played. The good news, however, is that the event offers free entries, so players won’t face any penalties for losses. Each entry is eliminated after two consecutive losses and will need to restart.

The latest schedule will be available until May 5th and ends at 11 am PST/2 pm ET. Here are all the available rewards:

  • The Show 23 Pack – 1 win
  • 500 Stubs – 3 Wins
  • To The Show 23 Pack – 5 wins
  • 1,000 stubs – 8 wins
  • Events Rewind Choice Pack – 10 wins
  • 1,500 Stubs – 15 Wins
  • Home Run Derby Dante Bechette (97 overall) – 20 wins
  • Home Run Derby Todd Helton (97 overall) – 25 wins
  • Five The Show 23 Pack – 35 wins
  • 2,000 stubs – 40 wins
  • Five The Show 23 Pack – 45 wins
  • 2,500 stubs – 50 wins

MLB The Show 23 players will have to complete a long exercise to get all the prizes. It’s best to aim for the first 25 wins, as this will unlock new cards for Dante Bechette and Todd Helton. Level 25 to 50 rewards can be useful, but they aren’t the most valuable items in the Moonshot: Mile High event.

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