How to Avoid the Munchies When You’re Sitting at a Desk All Day

Another way to help you fight cravings at the office, especially when it comes to sweet snacks, is to use the scent of vanilla. According to Guardian, a study at St George’s Hospital in London found that people who wore vanilla-scented patches on their skin had reduced cravings for sweets such as chocolate and sweetened drinks. Volunteers wore the patches on the backs of their hands and experienced weight loss and curbed cravings for sweets during that time. “The most interesting thing we found was that the chocolate scores were halved for those who wore the vanilla patches,” Catherine Collins, St. George’s chief dietitian, told the outlet.

You can try a vanilla scent hack at home or in the office by wearing vanilla-scented body spray or lighting a vanilla candle. In the meantime, if you crave salty and salty foods, brushing your teeth or chewing mint-flavored gum during the day may help you relieve cravings and improve your oral health in the process. Is.

By choosing to make these small changes during work hours, you can make a huge impact on your daily habits and overall health, resulting in more energy and productivity at the office.

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