Famous HDR, Klepto Operator, Epic Krieg 6, and more

Call of Duty Mobile players saw the rollout of a lot of additions and content in Season 3, including the HDR sniper rifle, the Rush MP map, several seasonal challenges, select events, and lucky draws.

As Season 3 heads toward its end next week, Activision has come up with a new “Writing Walls Draw,” offering a Legendary HDR Blueprint, the default cameo for Klepto Operator, and several other prizes.


Like any previous Call of Duty Mobile lucky draw, the Writing Walls draw will cost players thousands of CP (COD Points). Therefore, players must use real money in their in-app wallet before withdrawing items from the Reward Pool of the Writing Walls Draw.

Writing Walls draw: Prize pool, starting odds, expected cost, and more about the latest Call of Duty Mobile lucky draws

The writing wall draws in Call of Duty Mobile (image via COD Mobile)
The writing wall draws in Call of Duty Mobile (image via COD Mobile)

For starters, HDR – Persuasion, a legendary weapon blueprint, is the major prize for the Writing Walls draw. At the same time, Activision has also included Klepto Operator in his default camo as the primary reward in addition to Legendary HDR. There are also other epic items from the Vibrant Spray series in the reward pool.

Each item in the prize pool has a fixed initial probability of being drawn, with the first pull costing 10 CP (30 COD points for some servers). With each pull, these starting odds and prize increase costs increase as the drawn item is removed from the prize pool.

Below are the starting odds for each item in the Call of Duty Mobile’s Writing Walls draw prize pool:

  1. HDR – Persuasion (Legendary Weapon Template) – Odds 0.08%
  2. Klepto (Epic Operator) – Odds 1.25%
  3. Krieg 6 – Vibrant Spray (epic weapon blueprint) – Odds 4.00%
  4. Artist Quote at Work (Epic Item) – Odds 4.67%
  5. Against The System (Legendary Calling Card) – Odds 5.50%
  6. Glow Stick – Vibrant Spray (Epic Cameo) – Odds 6.50%
  7. Snowboard – Vibrant Spray (Epic Camo) – Odds 10.00%
  8. Backpack – Vibrant Spray (Epic Camo) – Odds 11.00%
  9. Flash Drone – Vibrant Spray (Epic Camo) – Odds 28.00%
  10. Klypto’s Gage Avatar (Legendary Item) – Odds 29.00%


Here are the expected costs for each bridge in Call of Duty Mobile, which may vary from server to server (and user to user):

  1. first turn- 10 COD Points (1 CP if user redeems Lucky Draw Coupon for the first time)
  2. Second turn- 30 cod points
  3. Third turn- 50 COD Points
  4. Fourth turn – 120 COD Points
  5. fifth turn 200 COD Points
  6. Sixth Round – 320 cod points
  7. Seventh turn 520 COD Points
  8. Eighth turn- 800 COD Points
  9. ninth turn 1100 COD Points
  10. Tenth turn 1400 COD Points

Comment: A random turn may also grant a time-limited discount.

HDR - Persuasion Blueprint (image via COD Mobile)
HDR – Persuasion Blueprint (image via COD Mobile)

For starters, HDR – Persuasion will have the following pre-applied attachments:

  • Barrel: 26.9” HDR Pro
  • Stock: FTAC Champion
  • Perk: FMJ
  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical
  • Ammunition: 9 Round Mag

Apart from attachments, Blueprint offers a unique design with colorful VFX. Other features include a unique “Kill Broadcast” and special effects to eliminate opponents in Call of Duty Mobile.

Disclaimer: The given costs are not fixed and may vary from user to user (and server to server). In some cases, the total cost can be even higher.

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