Dead Island 2 guide: how to use the workbench

The workspaces in Dead Island 2 may not seem glamorous at first, but they will be your most useful companions as you escape the zombie-infested lands. After several years of delay, the sequel has finally been released, and there’s an excellent variety of weapons to choose from. As strong as they are, these instruments of destruction will lose their effectiveness when their durability wears off.

However, you won’t have to leave them, thanks to the workbenches on Dead Island 2. They are spread all over the map; Finding them will help you repair them. Not only that, since the game also includes weapon modding, you can fine-tune them to change the way they work.

Dead Island 2 Workbench allows you to tweak and repair weapons on the go

Here’s what you can do with Workspace:

  • repair: The more you use your weapon, the more their health goes down. After a certain point, they will become completely unusable and will break unless you repair them. You can do this by pressing the A button on PlayStation or X on Xbox.
  • upgrade: Dead Island 2 allows you to make your weapons more effective and increase their usefulness. This can be done thanks to the game’s modding system and can be extremely beneficial for preserving your favorite weapons in the long run.
  • scrap: As you explore the map, you’ll find more weapons than you need. Some won’t fit your style of play, while others will be downright useless. It’s best to scrap them to earn more resources, and this can be done using R3 on PlayStation or RS on Xbox.
  • Make: In Dead Island 2 you can create different items from medikit to mods. These will come in handy when you face tougher zombies and tougher bosses.

Workspaces require resources to use in Dead Island 2. Repairs will require in-game coins that you will earn during your play. Mods and utilities require different raw materials, which you can find by looting/scraping items from your inventory.

How to find Workbench?

As mentioned above, you can find them all over the map. They will be shown on your HUD and crossed with a hammer and wrench. Just go to the location, and you’ll find your workspace.

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