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Francesca, an NPC in Dead Island 2, sends you on a body part collecting spree for her art. Five of these missions ask you to find and deliver six different body parts. These missions are collectively known as the Body Art side quests. To get the body part you’re looking for, you’ll need to kill the corresponding type of zombie.

This quest line can be difficult, and requires the main story to finish its last section.

How to complete the Body Art side quest in Dead Island 2

Francesca is an artist that can be found all over Beverly Hills. She’s trying to experiment with a new form of art that uses zombie body parts as its medium and tasks you to collect them all. There are a total of six different parts of the body.

You must have completed Dead Island 2’s 15th main quest: The Giant Slayer, and side quest: The Ballad of Rikki Rex in order to start Body Art. However, you must complete the entire story to attempt the last part of the quest.

Body parts are exclusive to specific zombies and can drop randomly, meaning you’ll have to go out and kill them in a specific way until you get their part.


Body Art: The Visionary

For The Visionary segment, Francesca needs 10 infected flesh. You can get them by killing infected people and there may already be some as they become collectible during the 15th main mission. A sharp weapon will be most effective in this quest.

Body Art: Heft

For weight you will need to get “large size arm bones” from crushers and their types. They can be found in various locations such as Venice Beach in Dead Island 2. You would have to cut off your arms to try and get one.

Body Art: Hum

Chthonic Ichors can be omitted from slobbers and their variants. These are vomiting zombies that can take you out of range. Simply killing them will give a chance to drop the requested content.

Body Art: Ruckus

Screamers and their types will drop infected spines. These enemies are recognized by their cries and can attract other nearby zombies. Deal with them as soon as possible.

Body Art: Vigor

Francesca will ask for Blade Arms, which can be found at Butchers. They are a challenging enemy type that you can face in Dead Island 2 once you reach the pier.


Body Art: Mutated Heart

Mutant Hearts can be obtained by killing mutants that may appear after completing the game. They are a combination of all other zombie specials, meaning they can drop other types of zombie parts besides mutated hearts. Because they’re all sort of combos, they’re incredibly difficult to defeat, but killing them will be necessary to complete the body art.

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