5 best skill cards for Amy in Dead Island 2

While Amy isn’t the strongest assassin in Dead Island 2, she’s certainly fun to play. Her incredible agility and movement make her valuable in multiplayer, while she also boasts the lowest toughness in the game. While every hero in the game can be amazing singles, some of them, unfortunately, work harder to get there than others. This makes the skill system exceptional in this latest zombie-killing experience.

Thanks to skill cards, you can enhance strengths or cover up weaknesses in Dead Island 2 in a variety of ways. With over 70 of these powerful cards in-game, each character can equip a certain amount of them. Some unlock automatically, while others come by finding them out in the world.

The following are the five best cards you can equip Amy with to make her zombie slaying more satisfying and safe.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects solely the opinion of the author

What are the best skill cards to equip Amy in Dead Island 2?

5) Surgical Focus (Abilities, Autophase)


Easily one of the best cards for any Slayer in Dead Island 2, Surgical Focus is also an autophage card. This means that the more of them you equip, the deeper you go into the terrifying world of getting infected. This card rewards players for killing zombies and feeds specifically into Amy’s playstyle. She likes to dodge and avoid damage, as she can’t hit well.

surgical focus Rewards you with Rage for crippling zombies, but if you take damage, you lose Rage. Rage is the way you tap into your inner zombie, and it’s a very safe way to fight hordes of the undead. Amy can definitely make extraordinary use of this card.

4) Bob & Viv (Survivor)


Bob and Weave is one of the cards that goes to the specific Slayer in Dead Island 2. Available only to Amy and Bruno, it certainly makes sense. They’re both squishy heroes, and this card makes them better viable for solo play. If you’re going to be a running Paralympian, you want this somewhere in your skill deck.

Bob and Weave is a skill card that improves your dodge ability card. Using Dodge gives you agility and also increases your attack speed. Given that it’s stackable, you can give him a light, fast weapon and make your way through enemies very quickly while stacking up the fury.

3) Hunting Season (Slayers)


Hunting Season is a card I use on almost every character in Dead Island 2. Since Amy is a hero who can’t take a lot of damage, it’s beneficial for her if you can defeat zombies from a decent range. This will work much better once she starts opening the guns.

hunting season Provides a moderate boost to the damage of your melee weapons when you hit a zombie with a ranged weapon or ranged weapon. You can pop cripple a zombie with a rifle shot in the leg and then proceed to kill with a powerful melee blow while keeping Amy safe.

2) Safe Place (Survivor)


safe place Another handy skill card that will come in handy when you’re in trouble is Amy. This Dead Island 2 card triggers an explosion that can push back ordinary zombies. If you’re surrounded and need to get away, this can definitely be an advantage, provided you’re careful.

This detonation can also trigger other negative things, such as detonating explosives or worse. I’ve had it cause explosions and spark something that ignites oil. Keep these things in mind, and you’ll be safe from zombies every time.

1) Corpus blossom (numen)


One of the skill cards you choose from later in Dead Island 2, Numen cards are made for channeling your inner zombie all around you. There aren’t many of these cards, but they are all incredibly powerful. It is arguably one of the strongest as well as the safest to use.

When you kill a zombie with fire, shock or caustic damage, a powerful explosion triggers the same type of damage. If you trigger it on water with shock damage, you can destroy huge groups of zombies without any problems, thanks to corpse blossom, Amy or otherwise, this is easily one of the best skill cards you can use.

With so many skill cards in Dead Island 2, finding what you need can definitely be difficult. These aren’t the only cards you should be running on Aimee, but they are among the best that should be in almost every build. You can read our review here.

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