Why ‘The Best Way To Get Them Out Of Me’ Would Be A Great Pointer To Answer

Living on dating apps can get exhausting. There are countless conversations, some of which lead nowhere in particular. And the worst part is when the chat just remains the same and never progresses into a physical meeting with the person.

If you’re eager to get out and start meeting new people, responding to Hinge’s prompt, “The best way to ask me out,” might do that for you. You’re cutting to the chase and being direct about what works for you. Plus, you’re showing potential partners that you’re confident and know what you like. And that can be tempting. for one TiktokerResponding to this prompt has helped ensure that she avoids something she hates on dating apps – small talk.

Plus, if you’re an introvert who’s wondering who should make the first move on a date, answering this question can make things easier for you. You are giving potential dates information about who you consider to be a good date and making things a lot simpler for them in the process. Calling someone out can be a source of anxiety for some people. What if the person doesn’t like my suggestion? Will we have something in common? These are some of the questions that may arise in the mind of the asker. By telling people what works best for you, you are eliminating a lot of that initial thinking.

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