Why Street Fighter 6’s Avatar Creator Is Nothing Less Than A Modern-Day RPG

The Street Fighter 6 demo is live on PlayStation 5, and Xbox and Steam users will be able to start their journey on April 26. While not all game modes are available, Capcom has done its best to offer a new Avatar Creator mode.

The new addition is not only a big deal for the upcoming Street Fighter title, but it’s also a revolutionary case for fighting games in general.

Many have questioned how Capcom will implement Avatar Creator Mode. At first, many thought the feature would be limited to character creation.

The official showcase on April 20 showed off a lot more before the demo went live, much to the delight of the community. While the demo is in its early days, the feature could change the way fighting games are viewed by audiences at large.

Street Fighter 6’s Avatar Creator Could Be A Big Deal For The Entire Genre Of Fighting Games


Fighting games have a rich history dating back to the 1990s, when presentation was pixel-only. Things have changed since then, with improved animation, character designs and game modes that have led to the evolution of the genre. One would think that the scope for innovation has shrunk, but Capcom has once again proved everyone wrong.

In simple words, Avatar Maker allows players to create their own characters. However, that’s where the fun begins, as you can take them on your Street Fighter 6 journey. The possibilities are endless, and there are so many things to do. Firstly, you can enjoy a lot of creativity while designing your character.

After that you can enter the huge open world of the game. This is where the fun begins, as you can complete different quests of varying difficulty. You’ll face the Masters, including all the iconic characters from the franchise. The game will let you interact with them, train with them, and even learn some of their iconic moves.

You can fight with refrigerators in Street Fighter 6 https://t.co/EHWUg1pTTZ

You can also challenge any random NPCs you meet during your travels. Some interesting clips are already available on social media, showing intense fights. Likewise, there’s some humor as well, and it’s clear that players are enjoying what Capcom included in the demo.

It goes without saying that the scope of the game will expand further upon full launch. The early signs are highly promising, and the developers have done a good job with Unreal Engine 5.

The inclusion of Avatar Creator is beyond innovative. Fighting games remain highly linear, even at this age. There’s no shortage of excellent titles like Guilty Gear Strive, but the game modes still lack variety.

Street Fighter 6 Demo Available Today April 26 for PS4/PS5, All Platforms https://t.co/1ymM8hYqY4

The only title that comes close to providing a single-player experience in this genre is Mortal Kombat 11. However, it is concerned with playing the same events over and over again. Street Fighter 6’s Avatar Creator takes this to a whole new level and allows you to do things differently.

You can challenge other players using the Battle Center. Of course, your avatar will gain experience as it wins more battles, which can be used to improve your character. There is a whole dedicated section that will allow you to tweak your fighter as much as you want.


At the time of writing, Street Fighter 6’s Avatar Maker not only feels ambitious, but it also uniquely works. It looks like the typical RPG game, but Capcom has incorporated it into a fighting game.

His expertise with RPGs is well known, and that alone is enough to bring back happy memories for Monster Hunter players. Getting that same experience in a fighting game like Street Fighter 6 is extremely bold, and it could start something new for an entire genre.

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