Where does Dead Island 2 take place?

The recently released Dead Island 2 features brand new gameplay and additional gameplay enhancements over 2011’s Dead Island, making it a treat to play for longtime fans of the series.

This action role-playing title from Dambuster Studios also shakes things up by choosing a new location for the zombie outbreak, set 17 years after the events of the first two games, Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide.

Read on to learn more about the in-game setting.

Dead Island 2 takes place in the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco

The third mainline entry in the Dead Island series has been confirmed to be set in the United States cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The game takes place during the events that result in a complete quarantine of California as a result of a new strain of zombie outbreak, after which the heroes (aka The Slayers) board a plane that intends to fly them out of the now quarantined Los Angeles. Is.

However, the evacuation flight is terminated by the military due to the infected being included on board, and the group find themselves trapped in the city as they now make their way out of the city to safety.


Why is Dead Island 2 set in the city of Los Angeles?

Despite its rather troubled development cycle, one thing that has remained consistent with Dead Island 2 (besides killing dozens of undead) is moving the setting to the city of Los Angeles.

In a rather strange and somewhat bizarre decision, the sequel was always set within Los Angeles rather than the usual island setting, even as a third development team, Dambuster (an internal studio of Deep Silver) took over the game’s development. Took charge of ,

Dambuster has responded to the nature of the setting, assuring players that L.A. brings with it fresh ideas and experiments to the franchise, allowing for the fierce combat and diverse cultural representation for which the city is famous. The team hopes to bring additional mayhem and fun as players navigate the sprawling city to kill zombies.

The version of Los Angeles depicted in-game has been described as “postcard-like”, with creative direction aimed at a more realistic and picturesque representation of the city, as opposed to tons of gore and blood.

Despite looking realistic, the game is designed to be fun at its core, aiming to provide a great zombie-slaying experience to all players, thanks to its unique combat system.

Melee hack-and-slash gunplay with additional gameplay elements including skill and ability cards, which provide unique power-ups for each character in the open-world sandbox, allows for fun experimentation.

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Dead Island 2 was released on April 21, 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and home consoles of the Xbox Series X/S lineup. The game has received generally favorable reviews since its release, being praised for its fun and gory combat.

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