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It’s only been about a week since the Genshin Impact 3.6 update launched, but several leakers have already revealed information about the version 3.8 update. Based on leaks, the upcoming patch could release another limited-time event area similar to the Golden Apple Archipelago from versions 1.6 and 2.8.

The leak has also revealed the names of the characters who may play an important role in the upcoming update. As of the current update schedule, Genshin Impact 3.8 is expected to be released on July 5, 2023. Here’s everything fans need to know about the game’s upcoming patch.

Leaks Reveal Eula And Kokomi May Be Reintroduced In Genshin Impact 3.8

Based on the above Reddit post, Hoovers may introduce a new island for the main event of Genshin Impact 3.8. The leak mentions the words “Pure Hydro” and “Mirage”. However, it is not clear what they might mean. Some speculate that this may have been a theme for the island, which may also have belonged to Fontaine.

It is also speculated that Kokomi, Clay, Kaya, and Eela may appear in the event’s story. Mero confirmed this on Twitter.

3.8 Main Characters of Klee, Eula, Kokomi, Collei

The only difference between the two leaks is that Mero mentioned Koli as one of the main characters at the Genshin Impact v3.8 event, and the previous one mentioned Kaya. There is also a possibility that both may make an appearance in the story. While the leaks only reveal that they will be main characters, it is speculated that Eula, Kokomi, and Clay may get Banner again.

The leak also revealed that Kaya and Clay could be getting new character skins in the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.8 update.

Clay and Kaya may get new character skins according to leak

For what it’s worth, we can also confirm the existence of Clea’s new skin. Older leaks put its release at 3.8 and it seems to be looking more and more likely. The artwork of the traced skin that leaked around the same time is accurate and very close to the final design.- IT

We haven’t seen or heard anything about Kaya’s skin in 3.8. It is thought to be from the same old source as clay skin, however, the information must be safe to believe.- IT

Hoyverse is expected to release two new character skins for Clay and Kaya in the upcoming version 3.8. SYP also confirmed this by saying that they could confirm the existence of the former’s possible costume. While they are unsure of Kaya getting the new skin, they also state that the leak can be trusted as it came from the same source that revealed Clea’s skin.

Kaia and Clay's possible skin (Image via Hoyverse)
Kaia and Clay’s possible skin (Image via Hoyovers)

The image above shows an old leak that revealed the design of the possible skins for both the Kaya and the Klee. These are preliminary sketches only and believed to be concept based, so the final costumes may undergo some changes before release. The rarity of the skin has not yet been disclosed, but based on past precedent, it is likely that Kaya’s skin will be 4-star.

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