The ending of Evil Dead Rises, explained

after more than 40 years evil dead hit theatre, evil dead rise Trying to prove that Sam Raimi’s horror franchise still has legs decades later. Like its predecessors, evil dead rise places a heavy emphasis on gore, crossing the line between horror and comedy.

The brutal murders that have become a signature part of this franchise are definitely present here, but unlike in the past. evil dead entries, it is not set in a cabin in the woods. The film is largely set in an apartment, though it is bookended with scenes that feature a setting that fans of the original films may be more familiar with.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers evil dead rise,

jessica floating on a lake "Evil Dead Rise."

evil dead rise Opens with a brief flash to three people vacationing on a lake in California. We learn that a girl, Jessica, is resting after an apparently manic episode, while her cousin and boyfriend hang out on the dock.

When the cousin goes to check on her, however, her skull explodes. As soon as we get our title card, Jessica has been spellbound and quickly kills her lover before exiting the lake.

flashback to a day ago

Evil Dead Rise – Official Trailer (Green Band)

Although most of the film takes place the day before. We follow Beth, a roadie for a rock band, as she moves in with her sister in a dilapidated apartment building in LA. She learns that she is pregnant, and decides to share that information with her sister, Ellie, who has three children of her own. The kids are sent out for pizza only to find Ellie learning that her husband has left her. When they return, an earthquake uncovers a burial cave in their apartment building containing the Book of the Dead.

A zombie mummy looks ahead in Evil Dead Rises.

Danny, one of the children, eventually plays a record containing incantations that summon the dead, and Ellie is possessed by him. From there, the movie is really just a series of eerie set pieces as first the neighbors in the apartment complex and then Ellie’s older children, Danny and Bridget, are finally near dead. Things get messy, but there’s not a whole new plot from here on out.

Beth eventually attempts to flee the apartment complex with Ellie’s youngest daughter, Cassie, in tow. In the parking garage beneath the building, Beth encounters Ellie, Danny, and Bridget, who have been joined by a super demon who intends to kill them. While the super demon eventually captures Cassie, Beth manages to rescue her, and then shoves all three of them into some kind of mill that completely destroys their bodies, and eventually a coveted prize in tow. allowing Beth and Cassie to leave safely with the chainsaw.

How does Evil Dead Rise end?

A woman takes aim with a shotgun in Evil Dead Rises.

However the film does not end here. Instead, it flashes forward to the next day as Jessica prepares to leave for the lake house we saw in the opening scene. She lives in the same compound as Beth, but on a lower floor, and she completely remembers the commotion the night before.

When she turns to leave, however, she sees that the parking garage is covered in blood, and she is possessed before she can even get into her car. It’s only now that we realize that the prologue at the beginning of the film is actually the ending, as viewers know what happens from here on out: Jessica goes to the lake house and kills her cousin and boyfriend. There’s no post-credits scene, but we know the evil is still out there, as Beth and Cassie, chainsaw ready, arrive.

evil dead rise Now playing in theaters nationwide.

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