Tammy Abraham RTTF SBC: FIFA 23 Tammy Abraham RTTF SBC

Tammy Abraham RTTF SBC is now available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The Squad Building Challenge comes in the wake of earlier leaks on social media, allowing players to earn a special card for their squads. While most RTTF cards are included in the packs, all you need to do is tune into tonight’s SBC.

You must complete the challenge before it ends in Ultimate Team Mode. The first task will be to estimate how many coins you will need for the bait.

Estimating will help you decide whether you should attempt SBC first or not. The best way to determine the potential cost is to analyze the actions of Tammy Abraham RTTF SBC in FIFA 23.

Tammy Abraham could be a valuable addition to RTTF SBC FIFA 23 players

Tammy Abraham RTTF SBC is a very easy challenge to complete. You have to do a job, which has its own terms and conditions.

Task 1 – Tammy Abraham RTTF SBC

  • Number of players in a Serie A squad: minimum 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 87
  • Number of players in the squad: 11

Tammy Abraham RTTF SBC will cost around 170,000 FUT coins if you get all the fodder from the FUT market. However, you can reduce this cost by using cards you already have in your Ultimate Team collection.

SBC will be available for the next six days as of this writing (April 21). Naturally, you have a week to grind the various FIFA 23 game modes such as Division Rivals and Squad Battles. These modes will reward you with packs based on your performance.

You can open these packs to find more bait and avoid buying them from the market. Plus, there are tons of resource-item challenges that you can complete.


Some of them are repeatable, so you can keep completing them until you have enough feed. This process will ensure that you don’t have to buy these cards from the market and save your FUT coins.

Tonight’s SBC will reward you with a 92-rated ST card, which can also be played in the CF position. It has four-star skills and weak feet, and its 92 shooting and 94 pace are its core strengths.

The card has 90 physicality, which is unusual for a striker, and 91 dribbling will ensure a good performance on FIFA 23’s meta. Overall, this is a decently priced card that could receive further upgrades if Roma can advance in the Europa League.

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