Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig’s Relationship Timeline Includes Babies and Broadway

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig’s wedding is a true Hollywood love story. They met in theater before either of them became famous, then became romantically linked after each had earned acclaim in their separate careers. James Bond actor dead ringers The stars have been married for over a decade now, but the pair actually go back even further when they were trying to make it in the entertainment world in the ’90s when they were just two British Was an actor.

Since becoming an item, Craig and Weiss have kept your relationship private, “I think, to me, the word ‘private life’ means just that: that you have a private life, which is the stuff of real life,” Wise explained. net a porter In April 2023. However, the couple has worked together on a few occasions, working on both the silver screen and the stage. Here’s a look at Weiss and Craig’s relationship timeline.

1994: Rachel and Daniel meet for the first time

Craig and Wise reportedly first met during the National Theater Studio’s 1994 production of les grandes horizontalA “Steamy” Games In which both acted. Rupert Christiansen, who served as historical consultant on the production, said, “Of course, neither of them were famous then, so their first meeting is not recorded.” Wire in 2011. However, they wouldn’t actually start dating until a decade later.

2010: The Two Reconnect On Set

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Craig and Weiss reunited on the set of their 2011 film dream house, in which they played a married couple, and this time engaged for real. Weisz had recently split from her ex-fiancé Darren Aronofsky, while Craig ended his engagement to Satsuki Mitchell around the same time.

December 2010: Their first Christmas together

Just a month after Craig and Wise were reported to be an item, People reported that they spent christmas togetherPublishing pictures of the new couple holding hands as they enter a small pub together in Dorset, England.

June 2011: Rachel and Daniel get married

a month ago on June 22 dream house released in theaters, Weiss and Craig get married, Weiss’ rep confirms their marriage People after a few days. The couple held a secret wedding in front of four guests, including Craig’s daughter Ella, Weiss’s son Henry, and two of their close friends.

January 2012: Her red carpet debut

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Six months after saying “I do,” the couple made their red carpet debut at the Madrid premiere The Girl with the Dragon TattooWith Weiss appearing in support of Craig’s 2012 film.

March 2012: Daniel talks about Rachel for the first time

in an interview with british gq, Craig talks about his relationship After first marrying Weisz, but remained steadfast about maintaining their privacy. “Dil Aashna Hai. I am very happy. And that’s as far as I am ready to go,” he said. “I don’t want to say anything now that can be thrown back later. My happiness is more important to me… After all, people are saying, ‘Give me six months.’ Guess what? I’m not answering. Life is long and I hope to be in it for a long time.

They also acknowledged how they were able to get married without any pictures or information being leaked publicly. “We got away with it. We did it privately. And I have a lot of people to thank for that,” he said. “But that was the point. We did it for personal reasons. Because we didn’t want to mess it up, because that would be sharing a secret.

October 2013: The Couple Takes On Broadway

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Craig and Weiss starred opposite each other in 2013 Broadway revival Betrayal, once again playing a married couple (although Weisz’s character is having an affair this time). The production opened to mixed reviews, but their combined star power made it the second highest-grossing non-musical of all time. Broadway that year,

October 2015: Rachel reveals her sentimental accessory

during an appearance The Graham Norton Show, Weiss revealed she had a screen visor for her car that read “Mrs. Daniel Craig” and encouraged fellow guest Dawn French to get one after admitting she had a crush on her husband. Know what you can buy? I actually have one – one of those screen visor things you put on top [of your car] He says ‘Mrs. Daniel Craig,” she said. “I don’t put it on all the time, but sometimes.”

April 2018: Rachel announces pregnancy

in an April interview with the new York Times, Weiss revealed she was pregnant along with her and Craig’s first child, joining her children from previous relationships. “We’re going to be a little human,” she said. “We can’t wait to meet him or her. It’s all such a mystery. I’ll show you soon. Danielle and I are so happy.”

September 2018: Rachel and Daniel welcome their first child

Weiss and Craig welcomed a baby girl sometime in September, about five months after revealing their pregnancy. The couple did not make their daughter’s name or any other details public, but a few months later, Weiss remarked that she looked exactly like her father in an interview. Late Show with Stephen Colbert,

June 2021: His films almost go against each other

during an interview Jimmy Kimmel Live!Weiss tells a story from the “very secret summit” planning a release of his film black motherwhere Marvel President Kevin Feige mentioned that their biggest competition of the year was Craig’s final Bond film no time to die, “They’re all discussing it, I thought, ‘Maybe he doesn’t really know I’m married to Daniel,'” she recalled. “And at that point, Daniel was going down the stairs to the kitchen. And I really wanted to rotate the screen and go, ‘Okay, here he is. You can ask her.’” Instead, she took the safe route and introduced her cat to the group.

April 2023: Rachel explains why they no longer work together

speaking with TodayWeiss was asked if she and her husband would reprise their roles Betrayal a decade after starring together in the play, prompting him to explain why they would not “this time” and give a glimpse of his family life, “I think we really love our personal lives as a family, and then we go to work separately,” she said. “We really enjoyed that experience, but I think … it’s good to alternate. I can stay home with the family while he works, we can swap. If we both doing a few at the same time, so it’s probably less ideal.”

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