Professional FIFA player Arvind Maas for Gods Rein Esports and Jamshedpur FC in EISL (Exclusive)

The second season of eISL is currently in full flow as several teams are vying for bragging rights in the premier Indian FIFA 23 Esports tournament. Jamshedpur FC have secured the services of two of the most talented and dynamic competitive FIFA players in the country, with Arvind Maas and Darvesh Khera donning their jerseys for the prestigious competition.

This is Arvind’s second stint with Jamshedpur FC, having been retained by the club after impressive performances in the first season of the EISL. The Gods Reign Esports athlete is renowned for his offensive prowess on the virtual pitch, and the enigmatic gamer will be hoping to prove his mettle once again.

In conversation with Shivanshu Raturi of Sportskeeda Esports, Arvind Maas provided some valuable insight into the life of the competitive FIFA 23 player as well as his experiences with Jamshedpur FC and their fans.

Arvind Maas of Gods Reign Esports retained by Jamshedpur FC for the second season of eISL

Q. This is your second year representing Jamshedpur FC in the EISL. How was it to be retained by the club?

Arvind: I am honored to be retained by Jamshedpur FC and to represent them in EiSL Season 2. They are among the most prominent names in ISL with some of the best fan following in the country.

Q. What are your favorite performances and memories from the last season of eISL?

Arvind: It was my match against Lokmanyu of Kerala Blasters that finally got us our first win of the inaugural eISL season. The match ended 3-2 in my favor, and my partner Akash also won his match, we managed to get all three points.

Q. Your new partner in Jamshedpur FC is Gods Reign Esports, your partner in Darvesh. How does having him as a teammate help?

Arvind: This helps both of us a lot as we have already started playing together for God’s Reign and we have good chemistry which can be lacking in many teams. We’ve been practicing together during the FIFA 23 game cycle, and have experience playing in 2v2 situations as well.

Q. How is the experience different between last year’s LAN setting and the current season’s online gameplay?

Arvind: The experience is very different as this year we are playing in the comfort of our homes and giving it our best. However, the LAN setup was also really enjoyable, as the high-stakes conditions made the build-up to each game extremely intense.

Q. Both you and Darwish already have experience playing 2v2 FIFA at the highest level. What is the difference in preparation and approach between 1v1 and 2v2 gameplay?

Arvind: It’s about practicing and getting better. Darwish and I have been practicing against the best co-op teams out there, while for my 1v1 preparation, I usually practice against not only Indian pros, but other South Asian competitive players as well.

Q. A number of skilful pairings have made the team in the EISL this season. Who do you think are your strongest rivals?

Arvind: I would say CJ and Sagnik from Bengaluru FC. They are two of India’s best players and have a lot of experience of playing at the highest level.

Q. How do you strike a balance between preparing for the FGS qualifiers and eISL?

Arvind: Sometimes it’s too busy, because constantly playing FIFA at the highest level can get a bit tiring. However, it motivates me to learn things from other pros and incorporate those aspects into my playing style.

Q. Since this is your second stint with Jamshedpur FC, have you had any interactions with the fans or the players themselves?

Arvind: I have received a lot of support from the Jamshedpur FC fanbase in the last two seasons of EISL. Not only have fans reached out to me on social media to encourage me after the crushing defeat, but Jamshedpur FC players have also sent me video messages wishing me luck for future games.

Q. As an accomplished eSports athlete competing at the highest level, what is your message for aspiring gamers looking to succeed in the world of competitive gaming?

Arvind: Practice is the most important aspect of any esport, so play hard and never give up. Always try your best and your talent will eventually be displayed for the world to see and admire.

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