Odablock Will Return To Runescape After Permanent Ban Is Temporarily Back, Fans React

A popular Old School RuneScape (OSRS) player and Kik streamer, Omar “odablock,” made headlines when he was permanently banned by Jagex (the game’s developers) earlier this month. However, in a recent Twitter announcement, Omar revealed that his suspension has been reduced to a temporary one.

Odablock claimed that a Jagex moderator, @JagexTrident, played a role in his permanent ban and that he was unfairly “targeted” due to bias. Yesterday (20 April), Jagex announced that they are investigating the matter and are taking the allegations very seriously.

After days of rioting and outrage, Jagex has temporarily replaced the permanent ban of Odablock and its Runescape accounts. They are now investigating a Jagex moderator who is allegedly in a relationship with an active player/streamer and is accused of biased bans and more. https://t.co/EkexZpwkTH

Why was Odablock banned from OSRS? Streamers to return after probation

When Omar “odablock” received news of his suspension from Old School Runescape, he was accused of sharing his account, a practice known as “servicing”.

However, in a 12-minute YouTube video, he alleged that Stella (another player in the game) and his partner, @JagexTrident, had a personal bias against him, which resulted in his ban. Since the allegations, much evidence has emerged to support Omar’s claims.

He claims that another streamer “Stella” is using her ties with mod Trident to get Oda banned in order to form a rival DM’ing clan in the game (these clans bring in large amounts of gold). Has openly stated that he is in a relationship with Mod, Oda claimed that his ban was issued

Jagex has taken note of the situation and announced that they will look into the matter. He wrote:

“Many of you may have seen a recent community video of a Jagex employee making allegations and suspected bias in account banning. We take these allegations extremely seriously and have opened a formal internal investigation using the evidence provided. The investigation is underway.”

He continued:

“In February, similar claims were brought to our attention and a formal investigation was conducted. Based on the evidence available to us at that time, the investigation did not corroborate the claims. However, since new information was brought to our attention We have started a fresh probe.”

In his recent Twitter update, Odablock expressed his gratitude to fans and content creators who have spoken up on his behalf. He wrote:

“Much love to the many content creators who defended my name and last but not least I appreciate my community who spread this like wildfire and let the right eyes see it. As I said many times people please respect and do not spread hatred towards any of the employees or people involved.”

Fans are reacting to this news

Odablock’s situation received a lot of reactions, with many criticizing Jagex for taking too long to lift the ban. Here are some notable responses:

@odablock Shame it took them so long to actually do something about it but it’s a step in the right direction, let’s hope for the best and keep going 🤞

@odablock About Time Man, Happy for you bro!

Popular Twitch streamer Esmongold also took note of the situation:

@Jake Succi After reading all of this, Jagex should not only fire Trident, but also conduct an internal investigation to find out the extent of the corruption, after which he would be prosecuted.

Jagex has also announced that anyone with information related to the investigation can send it to their support email address, [email protected]

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