Netflix cancels ‘Bling Empire’ and ‘Bling Empire: New York’

fans immerse themselves in the world of bling empire Over two years of immense wealth and messy friend group drama – but now, the journey has come to an end. On 19 April, deadline given He bling empire And Bling Empire: New York Will not continue on Netflix.

Longtime fans already knew there was uncertainty surrounding the future of the franchise. For starters, the last two seasons bling empire Five months apart – in May and October 2022 respectively – and there has been no news about a potential Season 4.

There was also a dispute behind the scenes. last spring, People Reportedly, star Kelly Mi Lee filed a complaint against the producer of the show, claiming that she neither received due credit nor compensation for making the show. bling empire Idea. Kelly explained, “I liked the crew I shot with, unfortunately it was with the producer I took the project on.” KTLA, “And right now we’re not filming at the moment, so we’ll have to take it day by day and see what happens, but I believe in fighting for what you believe in.”

Despite those concerns, Kelly herself was passionate about the show – telling Bustle how proud she was when it premiered bling empire Asian representation. “I was taken [to the United States] From China when I was 9, 10 years old, and growing up I didn’t have people who looked like me on TV,” she said at the time.

It’s unclear how much Kelly’s complaint influenced the cancellation of the franchise, and Netflix hasn’t commented on the news. Many bling empire However, the cast took to social media to bid goodbye to the series.

“End of an era,” commented Guy Tang on NextShark’s post about the news. “For new beginnings. 😍🙌❤️.”

Ken Lim also offered an optimistic perspective: “The ending is supposed to be an upgrade 🙌🏻,” Cheers to the new beginning and thanks to all who entertain! He also asked fans to “stay tuned,” which could mean there’s more to come from Ken and his friends, even if not on Netflix.

Similarly, Devon Dip, which was introduced in bling empire Season 3 said, “More greatness awaits! 🔥.” And Kevin Kreider kept things light — simply commenting, “Great photo!” upon news of the cancellation.

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