LG slashes the price of this 70-inch 4K TV to $600

One of the better TV deals right now comes courtesy of LG itself. Buying direct, you can pick up the LG 70-inch 4K TV for $600 and save $120 off the regular price of $720. That’s a huge savings over an equally large TV. If you’re okay with living with standard 4K on OLED or QLED, and you want the biggest possible display, then this is the deal for you. Let’s see what it has to offer.

Why you should buy the LG 70-inch 4K TV

as one of The best TV brand, LG knows how to get the best out of every display. In the case of the LG 70-inch 4K TV, you get vivid colours, high contrast and great detail levels for a 4K TV. Having such a large display, means it looks gorgeous at all times and the extra detail is always important here. LG’s quad core processor is also 4K, which means it’s able to upscale non-4K content quickly and efficiently, so everything looks better. There are also noise reduction and dynamic color features.

As with many great TVs, the LG 70-inch 4K TV also has a dedicated filmmaker mode and HDR support, so whatever movie you watch, it looks just like the director envisioned things for you. Automatic picture and processor settings mean you never have to lift a finger with the TV doing all the hard work. Active HDR delivers vibrant colors and accurate details at all times. There’s also a Game Optimizer mode for players with fine-tuned HDR graphics, low input lag, and easy setup that’s designed around different game styles.

For any downtime, LG also has a great operating system in the form of webOS, so it’s easy to find and quickly access all your favorite streaming services. It is the ideal TV for the entire home, which serves many different purposes and needs.

The LG 70-inch 4K TV would normally cost $720, but you can buy it direct from LG for $600 right now. Being able to save $120 on such a large TV is a super sweet deal. Grab it now before the deal ends soon and enjoy the immersive home cinema experience at an affordable price.

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