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FIFA 23 has faced several issues since its official release, frustrating gamers and fans around the world. The number of bugs has been higher on the PC platform, but some issues are present on all platforms. One of them is the error when the game’s servers cannot connect to local data.

Connections to EA’s servers are not mandatory to run the game, but are required when playing Ultimate Team mode. This mode requires a stable internet connection and will log the user out if it fails to connect for any reason. Additionally, any mode that involves matchmaking will require a connection to a server.

The problem that has come up recently is due to false positives. In simple words, the players have been logged out of their accounts even though their internet is working without any issues. Currently, there is no permanent solution for these false detections as the problem appears to be on EA Sports’ end of the servers. Thanks to the community, there are some steps users can take to reduce the incidence of this problem.

Unable to connect to EA servers bans all online FIFA 23 modes until players can re-establish their connections

There are a few tips and tricks players can try to resolve lost connection to the server. Some of these involve eliminating any potential problems on the players end, while others ensure that it is EA causing the problem.

make sure internet connection


The most basic thing to check is to make sure that one’s internet connection is not down, as this is the most common cause of the error. Unfortunately, for players, even a temporary disruption to their internet connection will result in them being removed from Ultimate Team mode. Even if the player’s Internet automatically comes back on, they must once again establish their connection to EA’s servers.

make sure there is no maintenance

We have a scheduled maintenance on October 10th, 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM UTC. During this time, you may be disconnected or unable to use the Online Services. Match creation will be disabled 30 minutes prior to maintenance. Title affected: FIFA 23 on all platforms.

When the FIFA 23 servers undergo maintenance, it is taken down by EA Sports. These maintenance periods prohibit all forms of matchmaking and other online services. The ‘connection error’ message will continue to be displayed on repeated attempts to establish a connection. The best way to verify this is to check the EA direct communication handle on Twitter. Regular updates are available on this platform when maintenance starts or ends.

Change NAT Type


A major reason for this matchmaking problem can be the strict NAT type. In general, strict NAT-type networks cause problems for all video games, and it’s no different for FIFA 23.

Changing the NAT type will depend on the user’s platform and there are plenty of guides available on the internet that show players how to do this. It should be noted that changing NAT types is a complex process and should only be attempted after a thorough understanding of the subject.

IP address renewal


While not the simplest of procedures, refreshing a network’s IP address can clear up any network blockages. This will ensure that if anyone’s previous IP is causing problems with the FIFA 23 servers, it will be removed.

having the correct date and time


If your system date and time is incorrect, there may be a mismatch of information at the server end. This can cause issues that can prevent players from connecting to servers. Players must allow their system to set the date and time according to the network, to ensure that there is no mistake.

Restarting FIFA 23 may also work if a bug is causing the problem. There has been a whole range of them, including errors caused by anti-cheat on PC. EA Sports has been busy fixing the problems, but some of them still remain. While the steps mentioned above may not always work, they can still allow players to gain access to the server.

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