How to organize a series of emoji, according to TikTok

It’s time we finally admit something to ourselves: Choosing the right emoji is a lot harder than it should be. It’s hard to play nice with your crush when you’re torn about what color heart to send, and it doesn’t get any easier with so many options to choose from. Maybe that’s why Tiktok users are so impressed with it @jillblair Ability to curate emoji like it’s nothing – user practically built their own algorithm for choosing animated emoticons based on outfits, occasions, and everything in between.

Everyone knows that where words fail, emoji prevail. But what happens when you can’t find an emoji to express how you’re feeling? You can recruit your group chat for emoji help, or you can just head over to @jillblaire’s TikTok account, where you’re sure to find some clutch emoji selection tips. The producer first went viral for her secret talent when she admitted on April 4’s TikTok that her dream was to become “the one”.emoji curatorso that she can choose the “perfect emoji” for an Instagram story. She explains her qualifications for the job by sharing some of her “rules” for choosing emoji, such as only using an odd number and choosing ones that look aesthetically pleasing together.

As of April 21, the video has garnered over 200,000 likes and has viewers eager for even more emoji hot tips. it inspired the creator make part two on april 5thIn which he broke even more of his emoji curation rules, especially for Instagram Stories.

Tikokar explains, “The first rule is that colors have to go together, and so do shapes.” She references an emoji sequence that depicts a disco ball, two champagne glasses toasting, a hamburger, a sparkler and a plate of pasta as an example, explaining that the disco ball and the hamburger are meant to be used interchangeably. were not placed side by side because they are the same size. She also separated the champagne glasses and sparklers because they are the same color.

Next, she recommends using emoji that “relate to the activity going on in the story.” This means that if you’re at a concert, you’ll probably want to use emoji that represent the music. If you’re on a hike, it’s best for you to stick to the “Animals & Nature” tab.

Another rule you probably didn’t think about: If you use an emoji that leans in one direction (i.e. the avocado emoji), you’ll need to choose one that leans in the other direction. They don’t need to be placed next to each other in order, but they do need to balance each other out. It’s so simple, yet so effective.

The creator also noted that she often uses the glitter emoji in her sequences, calling it “the perfect filler if you don’t have enough”. [emojis], As far as where she places emoji in a story, Tiktok shares that she either places them in the center of a post or moves them to the left or right depending on the “composition of the story”. genius.

If her full list of rules wasn’t enough, followers can also ask the creator for emoji advice you can post about. graduate studies for one the weekend at coachella,

If you’re obsessed with @jillblaire’s emoji curation skills but aren’t sure why, user @socialmediagirlie works well in short Why creator’s materials are so influential, “The fact that she’s addressing you that emoji can be cute is great for me, because I do social media, and I think everything should be aesthetic in my mind,” the fan says. “I feel like she’s talking to me because I understand what she’s saying. But some people just don’t understand that, you know?”

There are over 68.5K likes on TikTok as of April 21, so it’s fair to say that there are really a lot of people Doing pick him up.

Next time you’re unsure which emoji best match your Instagram story, or even make the most sense in a piece of text, just remember these tips: color, shape, thinness . It’s that simple.

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