How to get the Caustic Prestige skin set in Apex Legends’ Veiled Collection event?

Apex Legends recently revealed the trailer for the Veiled Collection event, which is set to arrive on April 25, 2023. The trailer has fans hyped for the influx of new Legends and weapon cosmetics the event will bring.

The most prized cosmetic of the Veiled Collection event is Caustic’s new Prestige skin, called Apex Contagion. The event also features a limited time game mode, TDM Unshielded Deadeye, 24 thematic cosmetics, and a free Rewards Tracker. Cosmetics include epic and legendary rare weapon skins, banner frames, emotes, and more.

The two primary ways to get Caustic’s Apex Contagion Prestige skin in Apex Legends

If you unlock all 24 cosmetics in the collection before the event ends, you will automatically receive Caustic’s new Prestige skin: Apex Contagion ☣️

Since the launch of Bloodhound’s Prestige skin, called Apex Hunter, Respawn Entertainment has received a high demand for Mythic-tier Legend skins. The new Prestige skin from Caustic is the fourth in the range. Listed below are two ways to unlock this Mythic Tier skin in Apex Legends.

1) Buying the Weald Collection Event Pack

Unlock 24 explosive limited-time cosmetics along with legendary skins for Watson, Rampart, Gibraltar, and more.

The easiest way to unlock Caustic’s Prestige skin in Apex Legends is by purchasing the Veiled Collection event pack from the Store. The event includes 24 new cosmetic items, 12 of which are Legendary rarity and the rest are Epic. Players can obtain these cosmetics by opening Collection Event Packs for 700 Apex Coins each, or by unlocking them through Store Deals.

A great way to narrow down the entire transaction is to use your crafting metals. Each epic rarity costs 800 crafting metal, and players can use their saved crafting metal to unlock some skins for free.

2) Unlocking using Heirloom Shards

Heirloom Shards in Apex Legends (image via Respawn Entertainment)
Heirloom Shards in Apex Legends (image via Respawn Entertainment)

Another way to unlock Apex Contagion, Caustic’s Prestige skin in Apex Legends, is by using Heirloom Shards.

Heirloom Shards were introduced to provide players with the option of saving and unlocking an Heirloom or Prestige skin of their choice instead of receiving it as a drop. Players are guaranteed Heirloom Shards for every 500 Apex Packs opened.

Players can navigate to the Mythic Store page in the Shop section and unlock the Prestige skin with 150 Heirloom Shards. It should be noted that Mythic skin will not be available for purchase using Heirloom Shards prior to the conclusion of the event.

The Veiled Collection event will end on May 9, 2023.

How to earn all levels in Apex Contagion


There are three levels of legendary skin, which can be unlocked in the following ways:

1) tier 1: The first rank is earned immediately upon unlocking the skin.

2) tier 2: To move to the next level, players must take 30,000 damage from Caustic.

3) tier 3: The final level is unlocked when you deal a total of 100,000 damage with Caustic.

Players who unlock the 3rd level of the Mythic skin will be given a special Prestige finisher.

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