How to easily change your Slayer outfit in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 finally has a global launch and fans of the franchise are finally getting a chance to try out some of the most fun and unique ways to take down zombie hordes in the survival-horror game. In the new entry, you play as one of the Slayers who come with their own special abilities and perks that will give you a customized gameplay experience.

There are six default Slayers in the game that you will be able to pilot Jacob – Ryan, Bruno, Dani, Carla and Amy. As you make your way through the title, you’ll not only be able to unlock their various skills, but you can also change their outfit to customize how they look.

However, the game doesn’t give a clear indication of how one can go about changing their Slayer’s outfit in the game.

So, today’s guide will focus specifically on some of the things you’ll need to do to change your character’s outfit in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 guide: steps to change the Slayer’s outfit


Before getting into how you can change your Slayer’s outfit in Dead Island 2, it’s important to note here that alternate outfits are only available if you have access to the various character packs.

Those who have purchased the Deluxe or Gold edition of the title will have access to the two available character packs which include the following:

character pack 1

  • Rodeo Sunset Dress (Jacobs)
  • devil’s horseshoe weapon

character pack 2

  • Neuner skin (EMI)
  • Samir and Julien Arms

If you have one of Dead Island 2’s two character packs, you’ll be able to easily change costumes for Amy and Jacob. You’ll be able to select an alternate outfit by making your way to the in-game character menu.

As Dead Island 2 is primarily a first-person title, it should come as no surprise that some of the costumes present are reserved for pack owners. For most of the game, you only get to see the Slayer’s hands and the weapon it’s holding.


Additionally, only Jacob and Amy currently have alternate costumes. However, it is very likely that one will be released for the remaining four characters in the game in the coming weeks.

It’s also very likely that there could be more than one organization for Slayer if DLC is planned for the game.

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