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With Team of the Season coming soon in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, EA Sports has released the TOTS Warmup Series event, which features an extensive gallery of SBCs and objectives.

Not only will these challenges provide gamers with team packs for the season, but daily login upgrades will also continue, especially during the first few weeks of TOTS.

This is not the first implementation of the Daily Login upgrade concept in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. EA Sports has also added similar objectives to promos like Team of the Year and Winter Wildcards, and the fan-favorite system is back to allow gamers to get packs for the team of the season.

TOTS Daily Login Upgrade Completionist Objective Offers Enticing Packs in Fifa 23 Ultimate Team


Similar to the previous events, the objective consists of different levels offering a variety of incredible packs. Gamers can work their way through these levels by logging in every day and completing the Daily Login Upgrade SBC.

How to complete the Daily Login Upgrade SBC in FIFA 23?

This SBC refreshes every 24 hours and offers 81+ Double Players Packs as rewards. These are the conditions mentioned in the challenge:

  • Player Quality: Minimum Bronze
  • Number of players: exactly one

Since the SBC only requires one Bronze player, the total cost of the challenge is approximately 200 coins.

Every successful completion of this SBC helps gamers to progress through different levels of the daily login upgrade completionist objective in FIFA 23.

What are the rewards offered by the objective?

Here are the pack ups to grab in the reward levels:

  • Full 1: 80+ 5 Player Pack
  • Toto 2: 83+ Double Player Pack
  • FULL 3: Eight Serie A players packed
  • Full 8: Eight La Liga Players Pack
  • Full 10: Eight League 1 Player Packs
  • Full 12: 2 1 of 85+ Rare Gold Players PP
  • Full 15: Eight Premier League players packed
  • Full 18: Eight Bundesliga players packed
  • Full 22: Five 85+ Player Packs

The group reward for completing all sections of this objective is a Team of the Season Player Pack, which provides gamers with guaranteed TOTS items in FIFA 23.

Team of the Season is one of the most popular and anticipated promos in FUT, releasing exclusive items from the top leagues in the world of club football.

The inclusion of this SBC allows gamers to redeem exciting packs during the TOTS event in FIFA 23.

With league-based player packs offered as well as highly rated fodder packs, this objective is an absolute bargain, especially when fans only have to submit one player each day to complete the SBC.

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