Discovering All the Classes in Disney Speedstorm and How They Work

Disney Speedstorm has four classes for racers to choose from. Speedster, Trickster, Brawler and Defender are the racer classes. There are approximately 18 playable characters in the game from the Disney and Pixar universes, and they are assigned to different classes according to their individual personalities. Different classes allow for diverse gameplay options, and players can explore different strategies around them. This will also affect the character’s stats when leveling up.

Here are the different classes at Disney Speedstorm.

All the Classes in Disney Speedstorm and How They Work


Each class affects different bonuses to the characters and can take effect actively or passively. This means that a racer’s base stats and unique abilities can increase depending on their class.

There are various bonuses affected by classes:

Stat Bonus: Stats bonuses enhance racers’ basic abilities such as top-speed, boost, handling, acceleration, and combat.

Dash Bonus: These can be obtained by successfully killing your opponents during a race. They are either beneficial to the player or hinder the opponents you hit. Each class has a different effect on the dash bonus.

Manual Boost Bonus: Manual boost bonuses help to fill up the manual boost bar faster. Performing specific actions on the track will give you this bonus, and actions vary depending on the class of the racer.

Skill Focus: Each racer in Disney Speedstorm will have a unique skill, a selection of class skills and general skills. Although unique skills are exclusive, more than one racer belonging to the same class may have the same class skill.

There are four classes in Disney Speedstorm that players can choose from

1) Speedster


The racers available in the Speedster class of Disney Speedstorm are:

  • Rangili
  • Mickey
  • Mike Wazowski
  • Mogli

The Speedster class primarily focuses on speed during races. Racers in this class have higher speed stats and are more adept at using speed abilities. Dashing to another racer provides an automatic boost and for speedsters the boost pad charges up the manual boost bar faster.

rush And Increase The Speedster class has two class skills. Rush helps players to run for longer than usual and Boost gives you an instant speed boost on the track. Players with a speed-focused playstyle will enjoy using this class of racers.

2) Trickster


The racers available in the Speedster class of Disney Speedstorm are:

  • Jack Sparrow
  • concocted
  • mulan
  • meg
  • Randall

As the name suggests, racers in this class are good at disrupting their opponents. Tricksters can earn additional boost bonuses, and hitting other racers with a dash will temporarily confuse that opponent. Drifting corners fills the manual boost bar faster and helps the boost last longer.

trickster has class-specific skills rented And Bomb, Hack disrupts opponents and creates a barrier wall on the track, while Bomb throws an explosive projectile on the track to stop other racers.

3) brawler


The racers available in the Speedster class of Disney Speedstorm are:

  • donal duck
  • Animal
  • Hercules
  • To soil

The Brawler class bases its gameplay on combat and taking down rival racers. They are also more likely to have better handling stats, allowing for quicker maneuvers to attack their opponents. Dashing opponents creates a stun effect and fills their manual boost bar.

The brawler class has two class skills Fire And shot, The Fire skill can create an explosion or leave a trail of fire that disrupts rivals. Shot allows racers to launch projectiles at opponents, destabilizing them in their tracks.

4) guard


The racers available in the Speedster class of Disney Speedstorm are:

  • silly
  • Sand
  • elizabeth swan
  • celia mae
  • li shang

Defenders have abilities that allow them to parry or avoid an opponent’s attacks. bumping into a racer will automatically activate a shield for a short period of time, and their manual boost bar is rapidly filled by reversing their opponent’s slipstream. Defenders also get better overall acceleration stats.

their class skills are shield And Macintosh, Shield allows racers to put up a defensive shield to block attacks and stun rival racers. The cloak temporarily turns the racer invisible and helps him outrun opponents. Although defenders focus mostly on defensive abilities, they still pack a lot of punches when it comes to combat.

Depending on the Founder’s Pack you choose, different characters may come pre-unlocked. The rest can be collected by completing various objectives during the race to collect Racer Shards. The performance of these characters will vary according to their classes, so be sure to invest in the classes that best suit your play style.

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