Dead Island 2: How to fast travel

In some curious design choices, dead island 2 Does not feature a fully connected open world. Instead, you visit different areas that are connected via loading screens as you progress through the game. Initially, this may lead you to think that there is no fast travel function, however, this is not the case. You don’t get the ability to quickly zip between locations compared to most other games, and there are restrictions, so here’s everything you need to know about fast travel. dead island 2,

List of fast travel locations on the map.

how to unlock fast travel

until you reach the Venice Beach location as part of the main story dead island 2, you will have no choice but to scrape it from one place to another. Once you get to this point, though, you can start moving a little faster with some restrictions.

step 1: Visit Venice Beach.

step 2: Meet the Blue Crabs and head to the Safehouse.

step 3: Go to the map of LA on the wall, represented by the street sign icon on your map.

step 4: Interact with the map to open the fast travel menu.

You can only fast travel to other safehouses that have one of these maps. Each of the game’s 10 areas has at least one fast travel point, with two each in Venice Beach and the Brentwater Sewers, but you need to reach each of them before fast travel is available.

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