CoD champion Parasite explains that Modern Warfare 2’s ranked mode will be ‘ending soon’

The integration of Ranked Play to Modern Warfare 2 in Season 2 was a highly welcome addition for players of the franchise. Competitive gamers around the world eagerly jump in to climb the skill divisions and test their mettle against players of similar skill levels. Additionally, players were eager to claim various rewards that could be obtained by completing their respective challenges.


However, with Season 3 of Modern Warfare 2 going live, discontent against the game’s ranked mode is slowly gaining momentum, with even former professional players doubting the future of the mode.

One such competitive player who is concerned about the future of ranked play is Christopher “Parasite” Duarte, winner of the Call of Duty World Championship 2013. On his Twitter account, he explained why he thinks Modern Warfare 2’s competitive mode will “die soon.”

Parasite Modern Warfare 2 reveals the reason behind the bleak future of ranked play


According to Christopher “Parasite” Duarte, the primary issue with Modern Warfare 2’s ranked play mode is the lack of content updates coinciding with the emergence of brand new seasons. In his Twitter post he said:

“The focus of CoD is not on competitive strikes, because although there is an interest in ranked, it will soon die out as nothing changes from season to season.”

The focus of CoD is not on competitive attacks as although there is interest in ranked it will soon be gone as nothing changes from season to season. Same maps, same boring guns. Competitive titles get regular map updates and new heroes or weapons on a regular basis.

He further clarified the situation by saying that every season in ranked play has the same set of maps, weapons, and modes, which makes the gameplay stale and eventually leads to players losing interest.

Additionally, Parasite stated that “competitive titles receive regular map updates and new heroes or weapons,” which is something that has not been included in the title’s latest seasonal update.

COD just doesn’t do it. CoD fails to balance its weapons even remotely. I really hope that at least in the off season they just add a ton of MW1 and 2, 3 maps to the ranks just to keep them interesting until next year’s release.

Continuing to address this topic on his Twitter thread, Chris pointed out that the game’s meta is starting to feel dull due to the serious lack of major changes to weapon balance. If players have a limited set of weapons in ranked play, which can be considered meta, interest in the mode will eventually wane.

He advised the title’s developers to add remakes of old fan-favorite maps from the original Modern Warfare 1, 2, and 3 to Ranked Play’s map rotation pool to keep players satisfied until the next Call of Duty title is released. Could

As such, Modern Warfare 2’s ranked play mode has begun to lose interest among players overall. Hopefully, the developers of the game are keeping a close eye on the reactions and feedback from the community. If not, the game could potentially lose players if the situation is not addressed appropriately.

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