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Mumbai’s Sima Taparia is back indian matchmaking Season 3, which arrived on Netflix on April 21. In the new batch of episodes, the matchmaker continues to connect single millennials looking for love, with her client list taking her from London and New Delhi to Miami and New York.

It’s not yet clear whether Netflix will greenlight any indian matchmaking Season 4. The series has been criticized for colorism and racism in the past, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from flocking to the series. As Producer Smriti Mundra Explained to in 2022, the show is successful because it “tacks on topics” that people typically avoid discussing. “Some of it is cringey. Some of the things we do and say and believe and have internalized for generations are appalling,” she said. “Those topics of conversation are hard to face; it’s hard to see that it reflected back at you.

Mundra said that the audience also “breathed in” the show because at the end of the day, it is “wildly entertaining”. And even though the show may “cause strife,” she said it also brings families together. “When it’s on a TV show everyone is watching and literally multiple generations, the whole family is watching … It gives an opportunity to talk about it,” she said. “I think that’s what keeps people engaged.”

Here’s everything we know about the fourth season so far.


indian matchmaking season 4 premiere date

While the series initially took a two-year hiatus following the debut of Season 1 in July 2020, subsequent seasons have been spaced approximately one year apart. If Season 4 follows the same trend, it is possible that the fourth season could debut sometime in the spring of 2024.

indian matchmaking season 4 cast

Like the previous season, the fourth season will likely bring in some new customers for Taparia, while following the storylines of some recurring cast members. For example, Aparna Shevakramani and Nadia Jagesar previously returned after Season 1, as did Viral Joshi and Sheetal Patel, who were first introduced in Season 2. The latest season followed some of her stories, while also introducing London-based Priya Ashra. , teacher bobby seagalAnd Rushali Raimodel that was installed with the former indian matchmaking Star Pradyuman Maloo in Season 1. (“He seemed like a jolly good guy, but there wasn’t a spark,” she said in season 3.

Though the couple hasn’t been together since Season 1, Taparia told his success rate isn’t really the point Show’s “If there is destiny, if couples are aligned together, it happens. But my method is just to show them the resumes and match them, that’s all,” she explained.

Tapadia said each season only films for about five months at a time, which naturally limits how many marriage proposals are captured on camera. She insists that the show is just about the reality of matchmaking – and that it may not always be as glamorous as people would like to believe. “It is not magic; It is not a magic wand. This is the process of matchmaking. In real life, I work for a client for two years and still they are not married.’ “Why? Everything is destiny,” she said.

This post will be updated with more indian matchmaking Season 4 details now available.

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