Best Grills and Grill Accessories in 2023

It’s not quite summer yet, but early spring is a great time to get ready for grilling season. To help you prepare to spend more time outdoors, we’ve put together a list of the best gear for culinary adventures on the porch, deck, patio, or backyard. We’ve reviewed and tested a wide range of grills and other equipment, and we’ve selected a group of products that will help you stay on top of your BBQ game. There are other items as well, with a selection to help you serve up delicious food all year round and expand your skills in the process – including your pizza-making abilities.

Traeger Timberline and Timberline XL

Traeger Timeline Series


Traeger Timeline Series

Traeger went all out for its smart grills last year, completely redesigning its high-end Timberline series and turning these premium pellet grills into outdoor kitchens.

Last year, Treasure went all out for its smart grills. The company completely revamped its high-end Timberline Series, is turning its premium pellet grills into outdoor kitchens. While the cooking chamber may look like any other Traeger grill, the company decided to place these new models on a rolling cart instead of four legs. Of course, this gives you more storage, but it also makes it easier to empty the pellet hopper. There’s a rail system on the front and sides of the grill to hold a variety of accessories, from paper rolls to sauce and rub compartments.

In terms of tech, the Trezor swapped out the basic controls from its previous WiFi-equipped D2 grills in favor of a color touchscreen. There are more sensors inside to monitor the cooking process and additional lighting to help you better see the cooking surface after dark. The new Timberline will also work with a specially designed version of the wireless meter probe (Traeger purchased the meter in 2021), so you’re not dependent on the corded version that comes standard. Perhaps most importantly, it’s what the company says is the first outdoor-rated induction burner for sauces, sides, and searing.

All those upgrades bring the starting price to $3,500. If you can skip some of those niceties (I’d argue your grill doesn’t need a touchscreen, for example), the first-gen Ironwood has been a workhorse for me since I reviewed it in 2019. It still runs like a champ and works well with the company’s full-featured apps. Offering a bit more than the entry-level Pro series from Traeger, this is a great option for someone looking to dive into pellet grills. The company still sells the original Ironwood even though it updated the model for 2023, and you can get the larger size for $2,000 less than the smallest of the new Timberlines.

Weber Genesis II EPX-335

Weber Genesis EPX-335 Smart Gas Grill


In 2021, Weber introduced its first smart gas grill. After developing its Weber Connect platform for Smokefire pellet grills and smart grilling hubs, the company brought its Wi-Fi-connected cooking to a more widely used fuel source. Last year, the company refined things a bit with PureBlu high-heat burners, sear zones, side tables, expandable top cooking grates, and “Nightvision” LED lighting. if 2022 EPX-335 doesn’t quite suit your needs, there are other options that come in three- and four-burner configurations with porcelain enamel or stainless steel finishes. Plus, there are both propane and natural gas models, and some come with a side burner if you need it.

Of course, the main attraction here is the Weber Connect integration. Just like it does on Smokefire pellet grills and smart grilling hubs, technology can guide you through every step of the grilling process. A mix of instructions and videos inside the Weber Connect app provide assistance to grillers of all skill levels, right down to when to flip your steak. What’s more, the system offers real-time food temperatures and an estimated readiness countdown on your phone so you can better time dishes (and keep hangry crowds at bay). On its gas smart grills, the Weber Connect can also monitor the fuel level so you know when it’s time to swap out the tanks.

Weber also introduces a number of accessories that expand the capabilities of its gas grills. The company manufactures searing grates, grilling baskets, rotisserie items and pizza stones. There’s also a griddle insert that allows you to cook everything from breakfast to smash burgers. And if you’re looking to transform the entire grilling area, Weber has a full-size griddle accessory that will do just that.

Oni Pizza Oven

woolly karoo 16


woolly karoo 16

The Karoo 16 can accommodate multiple fuel sources and has room for large pizzas.

woolen has built a stellar reputation for its pizza ovens, and rightly so. The company’s gear is easy to use and helps you make restaurant-quality wood-fired pies at home. Its latest oven, the volt 12, is an electric model that can be used indoors but still has the capability we’ve grown to count on from the Oni. With reference to outdoor oven only, Karoo 16 Can accommodate multiple fuel sources and has room for large pizzas. Out of the box this model can burn wood or charcoal, but Oni sells gas burner for $120 and $150 (propane and natural gas versions).

Aside from overall size, the Karu 16 also has a few features that set it apart from other ovens from Oni. First, a hinged door allows you to see what you’re cooking through a glass window. Second, there’s a front-mounted digital thermometer that shows the ambient temperature inside the oven. Like other Oni pizza cookers, the Caru 16 heats up quickly, reaching 950 degrees Fahrenheit in about 15 minutes. And of course, the large cooking area will allow you to make things other than pizza. If you can stand a smaller oven and analog thermometer, the company recently introduced the Karoo 12G which still has the glass door, increased fuel efficiency and can be had with a gas burner add-on ($100). Can be prepared with

Thermoworks Thermapen One

Thermoworks Thermapen One


Thermoworks Thermapen One

This new model displays the temperature lightning fast, giving you a reading in seconds. The ThermoWorks also improved accuracy and used a brighter display than previous models.

Over the years, a Thermapen has become my most used grilling tool. I rely on it like a chef to make sure I’m cooking things at the right temperature, especially chicken. It is a versatile tool on the grill and in the kitchen. thermoworks’ thermopen one It is a follow up to the widely popular Thermapen MK4. This new model displays the temperature lightning fast, giving you a reading in seconds. The ThermoWorks also improved accuracy and used a brighter display than previous models. The automatically rotating screen makes numbers easy to see no matter how you hold it, plus an auto-wake and sleep feature preserves battery life and an IP67 rating protects it from accidental spills.

meat plus

meat plus


meat plus

Each probe on the Meter Plus has two sensors, so you can monitor both the internal food temperature and the ambient temperature of your grill.

A wireless meat thermometer may seem like overkill when there are so many (and affordable) wired options available. I was skeptical at first too, but I can assure you that avoiding those metal wires when you flip or wrap a large piece of meat is definitely worth the investment. For meat plus, the Trezor-owned company extended the Bluetooth range from the original model. Each probe has two sensors, so you can monitor both the internal food temperature and the ambient temperature of your grill. Stats are sent to the company’s app, and you can set target times, view estimated finish times, or request help from a chef if needed.

Anova Precision Cooker Nano 3.0

Anova Precision Cooker Nano 3.0


The latest version of Anova’s Precision Cooker Nano still offers sous vide in a compact form factor. This is an updated version of a tool I’ve been using for a long time, thanks most of all for its accuracy and reliability. The company’s swapped out Bluetooth connectivity for dual-band WiFi so you can venture far beyond Nano 3.0, This model also features a two-line touchscreen display, allowing simultaneous viewing of the time and temperature. Manual controls are here too, in case you want to bypass the iOS or Android apps. That software will provide you with recipes and step-by-step guidance, so it’s a good idea to consult even if you have experience with this method of cooking.

To get the most out of your sous vide setup, you’ll also want to invest in a vacuum sealer. I have it FoodSaver FM2000, It doesn’t have some of the flashy features of more expensive units, but it covers the basics just fine. If you prefer something more sturdy with options like automatic bag recognition, retractable handheld sealer and dry/damp settings, I recommend Foodsaver V4400, With both, you can use them to seal leftovers for the freezer or store other items you don’t want to air out except for cooking. I’ve also found vacuum-sealed packs great for reheating things like pulled pork. When you reheat with sous vide, the meat doesn’t dry out like it does in a microwave. Sure, you could just use Ziploc bags, but I’ve done that, and a FoodSaver is well worth the investment.

Stanley Iceflow Tumbler

Stanley Iceflow Stainless Steel Tumbler


I would argue that the most important grilling tool is a cold drink. And as the days get warmer, you’ll need to plan your drinking utensils carefully so that your monster cocktail or supply of water stays at a cool temperature. I’ve tried many insulated aluminum cups over the years, but Stanley has been the best. The company is known for its classic thermos, but its cups, bottles, and more are affordable and do a great job of keeping drinks cold for hours at a time.

Stanley has several options that serve as alternatives to popular brands like Yeti, but iceflow tumbler I’m going to go this spring. The large 30-ounce cup can keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours while the 20-ounce version can do so for up to seven hours. There’s a solid handle and a built-in flip-down straw means the drinking area isn’t exposed to the elements. At $25 and $30 each, these are a fraction of the cost of the most expensive options, and they also have better snow retention than some.

Brumate Hopsulator Duo & Trio

Brumate Hopsulator Trio


Brumate Hopsulator Trio

Brumate’s Hopsulator Trio is a 3-in-1 option that holds 16-ounce cans or 12-ounce cans with cold inserts that you keep in your freezer. It also comes with a lid so that you can use it as a travel mug.

Brumate’s Hoopsulator products are warm weather essentials for me. I originally got one for the beach, but it has become a staple in my grilling arsenal as well. Company’s hopsulator trio There’s a 3-in-1 option that holds 16-ounce cans or 12-ounce cans with the cool insert that you keep in your freezer. It also comes with a lid so that you can use it as a travel mug. Hoopsulator Duo Also doubles as an insulated cup, but it’s designed for 12-ounce cans and doesn’t come with any cooling accessories. What’s more, Brumet has a third model for it slim cans, So if hard seltzers are more your thing, there’s an option for you too.

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