Aiden Ross Collaborates With Dana White For Gambling Stream, Reportedly Loses $1 Million

Kicks star Aiden Ross reportedly lost nearly a million dollars during his latest IRL gambling stream. He was accompanied by none other than UFC President Dana White. The two were spotted playing blackjack at a casino table in Las Vegas.

According to a report shared on Twitter by Keemstar’s Drama Alert (@DramaAlert), Ross managed to recoup some of his losses and eventually break even. The exact figures had not been confirmed at the time of writing.

Aiden Ross reportedly lost a $1,000,000 gamble with Dana White last night, then broke up after gambling some more. #drama alert

Aidan Ross has previously collaborated with Dana White on a stream

Aidan Ross has been one of the most vocal supporters of gambling in the streaming community. Since the gambling category was banned on Twitch, it has shifted its focus to other platforms that still allow such content, such as Kik.

Ross recently streamed a marathon session lasting more than 13 hours, during which he collaborated with Dana White. The pair gambled for about five hours at a casino.

It is worth noting that Adin Ross has ties to the UFC. He was in attendance at the recently concluded UFC 287 event in Miami, Florida, which is his hometown.

While some streamers use gambling or slots as content, it is important to note that they are often sponsored and do not run the risk of losing money as regular gamblers. It is important for spectators to exercise caution when it comes to gambling, as it can be a dangerous activity.

here’s what fans said

Following Edin Ross’ latest collaboration with Dana White, many online community members criticized the streamer’s gambling content. Here are some tweets calling him out:

@DramaAlert yes gambling addict you lose only when you stop gambling

@DramaAlert Don’t know why people do this if they know they’re gonna lose

@DramaAlert please stop reporting about him it’s getting boring

Despite the criticism, fans of Ross were pleased with the stream, saying it was one of their best in recent memory. Here are some of the top reactions:

@AdinUpdate this was his best stream in a minute

Adin Ross currently holds the distinction of being the most dominant streamer on Kik. Recently, Tyler “trainwreckstv,” co-owner of Kik, announced that Ross had secured the largest deal ever among streamers on the platform.

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