Ace League, new changes, rewards, and more

The latest patch of PUBG New State brings an in-game competition called Ace League, which will start 12 days before the end of each season. There will be two phases: a one-week preliminary round and a two-day main round.

The first preliminary round will be held from May 13-19, while the mains stage will be held on May 20 and 21. You must have a minimum of 3000 (Diamond) Tier Points to participate in the first stage, where the winner will receive it. A spot on the Main Stage and Prestige Coins.

In addition, you can find the Ace League option in the Battle Royale tab (map selection screen). Some in-game prizes including Prestige Coins and Ace League Title will also be awarded in the Main Round.

PUBG New State brings some in-game changes in new update


Krafton has upgraded Erangel’s Avanpost area with the construction of new buildings in the complex, a complete overhaul. Apart from this, Nova and Lightning will appear in the Erangel map. The developers have added a new C2 adaptation (double magazine) to the AKM gun, which increases the magazine capacity from the initial 30 to 50 rounds, but reduces the reload speed.

The Graveyard (Siege) has been re-incorporated into PUBG New State with some modifications. Here are some notable changes:

  • The map mode has been changed from Squad to Solo.
  • Android Waves has been redesigned for balancing reasons.
  • You can’t fix the blocker now.
  • Frag grenades will appear around the barrier. Molotov cocktails will no longer go off.
  • Bandages will spawn in healing item spawn points.

Krafton has also made some changes to the deathmatch mode. You will now see profile frames and frame effects during the deathmatch loading screen, the in-game scoreboard, the match end score board, and the bottom area of ​​Deathcam.

New Season Title awards have been added, including the awards for Most Kills, Most Chickens, and 1st place in Ace League. Podium finishers for Most Kills and Most Chickens will be rewarded with titles as well as Prestige Coins. In addition, players who make it to the top 100 in Battle Royale will also receive Prestige Coins.

Survivor Pass Vol.18 Item (Image via PUBG New State)
Survivor Pass Vol.18 Item (Image via PUBG New State)

In Survivor Pass Vol.18 of PUBG New State, you can get various in-game items including characters, costumes and skins when you reach certain levels. Additionally, you also have the option of purchasing a premium pass that gives you access to exclusive items.

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