Wordle Today (#670): Wordle Answers and Hints for April 20

Can’t solve today’s Wordle? We have the answer to Wordle (#670) on Apr 20 ’14, as well as some helpful hints to help you find the answer yourself. We’ve put the answers right at the bottom of the page so we don’t ruin the surprise before you’ve had a chance to work through the clues. So let’s dive in, starting with a reminder of yesterday’s answer.

yesterday’s word answer

Let’s first remind ourselves of yesterday’s Wordle Answer for those who are new to the game or who don’t play it daily, which “strike, So we can say that today’s wordal answer is definitely not like that. Now, with that in mind, maybe take another stab at using one of these Word the starting words and circle back if you’re not in luck. We’ll be waiting here.

Hint for today’s word

Still can’t figure it out? We have today’s Wordle answer right here, below. But first, one more thing: Let’s take a look at three pointers that can help you find solutions without being told, so there’s no need to feel guilty about keeping your streak alive — you do some work. , Finally! Or just keep scrolling for the answer.

  • Today’s Wordle starts with the letter P.
  • Today’s wordl uses two vowels.
  • Today’s world can live near a pile of bowls.
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Today’s Word Answer

no luck? Don’t worry—you can’t have them all! If you want to see today’s Wordle answer to continue your streak, you can find it below.

The answer to today’s word is…


Today’s Word Definition

And here’s what that means according to our good friend chatgpt: “A plate is a flat, usually circular dish used for serving or eating food. It can also refer to a thin, flat sheet or piece of material used for a variety of purposes , such as a printing plate in printmaking, a metal coating on an object, or a course of food. Additionally, it may refer to a flat, rigid structure used for support or reinforcement in construction or engineering.

Tips for tomorrow’s wordl

Wordle may seem like it’s all luck, but there are some good exercises you can use to help you get as many clues as possible into a few guesses, making it possible to have the last word before you’re eliminated. can be detected. Of efforts The most important guess is your first, and the trick is to load up on the vowels (A, E, I, O, and U).

Some popular opening words that people have had good luck with are “bye,” “media,” “get up,” and “radio.” Just be sure not to pick a word with double letters, or you’ll be wasting precious guesses. The objective here is to try to figure out which vowels are included in the mystery word, then layer in common consonants and work off from there.

Your second word, assuming the first one gave you a good jumping off point, should start to rely more on common consonants like r, s, and t. The good words we’ve seen here are “harsh”, “disgruntled”. ,” and “atonement.” You never want to re-use any letters from the previous round that show up as gray—you know they don’t belong in the word.

Now that that’s all sorted out and the definition taken care of, and you armed with a few tricks to crush tomorrow’s Wordle, here are a few Games like Wordle you can try today.

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