Why You Might Hesitate to Save a Potential Partner’s Last Name in Your Phone

It is only natural to protect yourself from heartbreak. We’ve all had that experience where we get really excited about someone, and then it doesn’t work out and it’s hard to get over a rough breakup. The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with that instinct, and in fact, when exercised in moderation it can serve us well.

This was confirmed by Dr. Gary Brown, a therapist based in Los Angeles. cosmopolitan This habit stems from a “healthy need to protect myself in case future prospects don’t work out”. He explained that leaving out the last names of potential partners allows us to “personalize” them so we don’t invest too quickly. Basically, it’s the polar opposite approach to the elementary and middle school “Mrs. Blank” doodling phenomenon; Instead of daydreaming about your future with someone, you’re closing off the possibility of it altogether.

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