There’s a Reason You Won’t See Hallmark Content on DeuxMoi

There was a time when Duquesmoi’s gossip account featured the occasional juicy tidbit about the Hallmark crew. The last piece of Hallmark gossip came back in May 2022, when Duquesmoy posted a tip about a Hallmark star. “My friend got tied up [with] az lists Hallmark actors on the weekend who are recently single,” read the tip. “He couldn’t stop talking about himself. There’s also some drama with Hallmark as to why they won’t keep him anymore.” The gossip was sent under the name “[email protected]”.

Even though the tip didn’t name a so-called “Z List actor,” one Hallmark actor, Jesse Metcalf of “Desperate Housewives” and “John Tucker Must Die” fame, took offense, commenting, “This is bullsh***.”

at that time, as Gawker Mentioned, Metcalf was reportedly dating model Corinne Jamie-Lee. He was also gearing up to appear in more Hallmark films.

Following Metcalf’s public comments about the gossip, Deuxmoi changed his stance on Hallmark-related gossip.

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