Necklace Clasp Hack You Can Do With Paper Clips

To temporarily fix a broken necklace clasp, find a paper clip that matches the color or metal finish of your necklace clasp. Take the paper clip and slide it through the hole in the clasp, opening it. Once the paper clip is seated in the middle, grab the other side of the necklace clasp and push the other side of the paper clip through. For something a little more stable, you can use a safety pin in place of a paper clip.

If you don’t want to pay to have your necklace repaired at a jewelry store, there are ways to fix a broken clasp yourself. First, you need to find a new necklace clasp and jump ring that matches the size and color of your current ones – Amazon There are many options. Unscrew, using jewelry or needle nose pliers jump rings and take them off.

Open the new jump ring and use pliers to attach it to the necklace. With the jump ring still open, take the clasp and place it over the jump ring. Grab the other jump ring and put it on the other side of the chain.

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