Genshin Impact Sefana Location and Sea of ​​Fertility Hidden Achievement Guide

Genshin Impact has added various new world quests and features to the game’s universe of Tavyat after the latest update, which also brought in a new area. As part of the new area, gamers may encounter strange flowers in lines in the Oasis area of ​​Vorkusha.

These Sunyata Flowers are part of a hidden achievement that can be obtained by completing a hidden quest after all flower farms have been restored. The following section of the article indicates how to proceed with the search.

Sunayata’s three flower fields and Sefana’s hideout in Genshin Impact

There are a total of three puzzles in the area of ​​audibility that need to be solved. Once all three are interacted with, players can obtain a hidden achievement after taking on an NPC fairy named Cefna. He will need the Sorush Tool, obtained during the quest “Khwarena of Good and Evil”.

Location of all three sensitivity zones (image via Genshin Impact)
Location of all three sensitivity zones (image via Genshin Impact)

The map above marks the locations of the three Sunayata flower fields as floral symbols. Players can teleport to teleport waypoints on the surface of the Vorukasha Oasis and travel to marked locations. They are easily seen as purple fields with a few scattered flower buds.

Players must make flowers bloom twice, once by touching them and once by purifying them with nectar mayfly. The steps for the same are mentioned below.

Purifying the flowers of Sunayata

In order to purify Sunayata’s flowers, players must first equip Sorush.

  1. Using the sawhorse, touch the flower to the end of the line.
  2. A timer will start and more flowers will appear.
  3. You have to fly and touch all the flowers in a row within the given time.
  4. Some of Sunayata’s fields will spawn floating flowers that need to be collected.
Pure Flowers (image via Genshin Impact)
Pure Flowers (image via Genshin Impact)

After purification, the appearance of the flowers will change and a perfect box will appear in each area.

Revitalizing Flowers Using Amrita Mayflies

After purifying flowers, players will need Amrita Mayflies to revive them.

  1. Wait for the night (18:00-5:59) or change the time in the game.
  2. Orange bees called Amrita Mayflies will appear.
  3. Use the bow character to kill the fly by freezing it.
  4. Switch to Sorush and collect Mayflies and touch the flowers.
  5. Repeat the process until all the flowers are revived.
Revived Sunyata Flowers (image via Genshin Impact)
Revived Sunyata Flowers (image via Genshin Impact)

The flowers will now appear to be in full bloom and a precious chest can be obtained for reviving each area.

sefana detection

After interacting with all three locations, you can go to an NPC named Cefana to complete a hidden quest.

Sefana's location (image via Genshin Impact)
Cefana’s location (image via Genshin Impact)

The map above shows the location of Sefana marked with a search symbol. You can teleport to the same teleport waypoint in Vorukasha Oasis and head northeast. Sefana is a fairy and can be found under a canopy next to a giant tree.

Cefana, NPC (image via Genshin Impact)
Cefana, NPC (image via Genshin Impact)

Players can talk to Cefana to obtain the hidden achievement “Sea of ​​Fertility”, which will grant them five Primogames.

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