Emma Roberts on Revolve Festival 2023, American Horror Story, and more

When it comes to festival season — and most things, really — Emma Roberts is really doing it right. And while she may be a total scream queen on-screen (someone else rewatch American Horror Story Coven At the start of every fall?), her approach to life, beauty, and self-care rituals is more laid back and down-to-earth than anyone could imagine.

case in point? Roberts is one of many A-list celebs who’ve taken to the recent Coachella trend of scaling back out-there ‘fits and excessive face gems in exchange for comfy denim and low-maintenance glam. And TBH, she’s learned that keeping it simple and taking care of her skin is really the key to surviving the harsh desert heat.

Below, the actor, boy mom, and Belletriste founder chats exclusively with Bustle to share her festivals, the products and routines she swears by, and a sneak peek of what’s to come American Horror Story character (which, ICYMI, would be none other than Kim Kardashian).

When it comes to packing for Revolve Festival, what are the products you should always have with you?

I like to keep it simple for Revolve Festival and Coachella [as] In the past I have over packed and overdone my makeup in the summer.

my number one sunscreen [and] I am in love Charlotte Tilbury SPF 50 It is also a primer under makeup. I like to have a good mist in my bag too. i love now Tower 28 Haze,

I always bring under eye patches for myself and my friends. Wander Beauty Patches It works and looks super cute.

What’s your luxury beauty go-to that you’d be willing to splurge on?

I’ll spend a lot on face creams and serums, [and] I love la mer, My skin tends to be dry, so I’m always looking for something that moisturizes and soothes me. I love Hyaluronic C Serum by OSEA, [and] His body oil is amazing. I discovered this when I was pregnant and have been using and giving it as gifts ever since.

On the other hand, what about the affordable favors you love?

I like to eat some staples that I can find anywhere. i have been using Neutrogena Blue Makeup Remover Wipes Haven’t found anything else for 15 years that can beat it. I have always Bioderma Sensibio H20 Sensitive Skin Micellar water when I’m traveling to refresh, without having to wash my face.

What is your signature lip colour?

Its Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury all day for me

As a mom, an actor, an entrepreneur, and more — what are some of your wellness practices and routines that you live by?

I have to have time to recharge or I can’t focus properly on anything. I love to take a nice bath at night after Rhodes has been put to bed.

i’m so inside Prima CBD Bath Bombs Lately, they moisturize and relax. I put my phone in another room and read a book or listen to a sound bath. spirited soul My go to on Spotify.

I know you can’t share too much American Horror Story Season 12 right now – but how is this character different from the ones you’ve played before?

This character is huge. She dresses very Caroline Bessett, ’90s New York — I’m obsessed with my character’s style this season.

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