Charisma Series Program: MLB The Show 23 Charisma Series Program

A new set of Charisma Series program cards will be live on MLB The Show 23 soon. The official announcement highlights all five items that will be available to Diamond Dynasty players. Notably, all cards will have increased stats and can be valuable additions to anyone’s lineup. Charisma Series Program cards are closely tied to Team Affinity Events.

Special items enable players to easily improve their squads by completing various missions and playing through different game modes. There is a high probability that the upcoming cards will have their own set of events.

Several MLB The Show 23 players could benefit greatly from the new Charisma Series program

The MLB The Show 23 community is looking forward to new content following the highly rewarding Egg Hunt campaign. That wait may be over as soon as the new Karishma Series show goes live.

Based on the official information available on Twitter, the event will go live on April 21. The exact timing has not been mentioned, and it will follow the specific content launch schedule. There will likely be a new set of dedicated functions, but they have yet to be revealed.

The new cards have been confirmed, and there are some really interesting options to choose from.

  • Josh Harrison – 3B – 94
  • Brett Phillips – RF – 90
  • Andrew Chaffin – RP – 92
  • Joe Kelly – RP – 91
  • Josh Naylor – 1B – 93

All five cards will belong to Set 1 in Diamond Dynasty mode, meaning players can include them in the Exchange Program. However, he would be equally viable to be a part of many starting lineups.

Detailed statistics for each card will be available once the Charisma Series event goes live on MLB The Show 23. It will also reveal the tasks, if any, that will need to be completed in order to obtain these cards.

A new set of Diamond Duos will also be available on April 21 at noon PT. The upcoming pair consists of Torrie Hunter and Brian Wilson, and both cards have a combined total of 99. These cards will be available in packs that players can exchange for stubs.

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