Airline websites offer amazing bargains for errant travelers

Travelers booking with All Nippon Airways (ANA) recently got a bargain when a website error allowed them to book seats in first class and business at prices much lower than the normal rate.

At least one paid $890 for a first-class round-trip flight from Jakarta to Tokyo and New York to the Caribbean, a seat that would normally cost about 20 times that amount with ANA.

statistics Retrieved from Bloomberg It was learned that a Jakarta round-trip ticket in business class flying via Singapore, Tokyo and New York, which would normally cost $10,000, was offered on the website for just $300.

The Japanese carrier said an error on its Vietnamese website temporarily showed incorrect currency conversions. It is not known how many passengers managed to book cut-price tickets before they were removed.

An ANA spokesperson reportedly said that the airline would honor tickets for the lucky passengers who bought them, but subsequent reports suggested that a final decision had yet to be made.

One lucky traveler told Bloomberg that he booked a round-trip ticket in business class on a flight from Jakarta to Tokyo via Honolulu for a mere $550 instead of the $8,200 he booked.

“I never thought I’d get a deal like this,” Wong told Bloomberg. He said that he entered his details as soon as possible because he knew that the ANA would take down the ticket as soon as it discovered the mistake.

Such accidents happen from time to time. Four years ago, Cathay Pacific screwed up twice in the space of a few weeks, selling first class seats for a tenth of their fair value. The Hong Kong-based airline honored the reservation.

However, it can sometimes go the other way too, as when a passenger using the British Airways website was asked to pay more than $4 million for a family holiday that would have cost almost 200 times less. Needed

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